Female diseases, inherited

Female diseases transmitted by inheritance

In order to find out if you are predisposed to any female diseases, find out from your own mother some information about her health. For example, one of the facts that can affect your own health is the age at which your mother started menopause. If the climacteric age has come late, then there is nothing to worry about, and if the mother`s menses have run out early, then the daughter should take care to delay the menopause with the doctor, as the mother hormonal activity can be inherited by the daughter.

You also need to pay attention to whether your mother has problems with veins. The tendency to varicose veins is almost always transmitted through the female line, so with the slightest suspicion of a predisposition to varicose veins, it is worthwhile to undergo a Doppler examination in order to find out whether it is worth taking vascular treatment measures. If you take these measures on time, varicose veins will not have time to enter into a serious stage.

Another indicator of the health of the mother, which can be transmitted to her daughter, is the tendency to hypertension. If your mother suffers from an increased blood pressure that is above 140/90, you need to follow your lifestyle more carefully: do not abuse alcohol, do not smoke, play sports and avoid excess weight, eat right, and avoid stress.

The sugar level in the mother`s blood is important. If she has a propensity to develop diabetes, this inclination may sooner or later appear in you. Reduce the amount of sweet in your diet, and sweets based on normal sugar replace fructose.

Allergies can also become a hereditary disease in a number of cases. If your parents do not have chronic allergies, you do not have a higher risk of allergies than all other people. However, if your mother has suffered from allergies throughout her life, you should pay special attention to your body and exclude possible allergens from the diet.

Another indicator, often transmitted from parents to children, is poor vision. Observe the hygiene of the eye and let the eyes have more rest, if your parents wear glasses.

And finally, find out if your mother did not smoke before pregnancy. If smoking took place, you should beware of the appearance of asthma not only in yourself, but also in your own children.

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