Fitness on Science: X-Fit launched training on the innovative program X-Total PRO

Fitness on science: X-Fit launched training on the innovative program X-Total PRO


X-Total PRO is the result of the experience and knowledge of X-Fit experts. Based on the ideas of the system of approved training methods Smart Fitness, they created this effective program. Fitness lovers were able to use the entire body at every moment of the session, while receiving the main types of loads. During the training program X-Total PRO the body learns to move anatomically correctly, using its potential to 100%. This approach allows you to achieve different goals – from rehabilitation to fat burning and development of endurance.

In spite of the fact that the training of X-Total PRO passes without interruptions at an intensive pace, the muscle groups succeed in restoring themselves. This is due to the alternation of transitions from standing to lying position, as well as performing exercises with different types of loads.

“By choosing X-Total PRO, you work the entire body at any given time, getting both the power functional load, and anaerobic and interval,” says Ruslan Panov, expert methodologist and coordinator of the group programs of the federal fitness network -clubs X-Fit.”By including absolutely all muscle groups, energy supply increases, which is 1.5-2 times more than with standard cardio and strength training – this significantly speeds up metabolism, spurs the hormonal system and gives a positive neuromuscular response.”

Training X-Total PRO lasts an hour and involves the use of various small equipment: medical balls, bodybuilders, dumbbells, glides, rubber shock absorbers, vipers, Swiss balls – no more than two types per training session. The training complex is based on exercises, which can also be performed with the weight of your own body. For optimal results, you need to practice twice a week and combine workouts with other fitness formats (for example, with power exercises in the gym); another scheme – at least four times a week without combining. The only restriction on the visit is pregnancy.

On the X-Fit network

X-Fit is the largest federal network of international fitness clubs in the segment of premium and business class in Russia. It is one of the three leaders of the domestic fitness industry.

The history of X-Fit began in 1991, when one of Russia`s first private tennis clubs was opened in Moscow`s Lianozovo Park. It was a unique project for its time, based on the Old English traditions of elite club rest. The tennis club quickly became popular among people who appreciate the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, they understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Five years later, in the neighborhood of the tennis club, the first fitness studio appeared, which became the base for the future full-fledged, state-of-the-art fitness club with the X-Fit swimming pool in Altufevo. The further development of the network was rapid: in 2005, under the X-Fit brand, there were five clubs, including one regional, and in 2010 – 19 fitness centers in the capital and the largest Russian cities. Today the federal network includes more than 60 fitness clubs in Moscow, Kazan, Voronezh, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and other cities.

The company operates on the market under two brands: customers can choose full-length X-Fit clubs with an area of ​​more than 2500 m 2 or clubs of the democratic Fit-Studio format. At the moment, over 350 thousand people are members of X-Fit fitness clubs across the country.

In 2015, the network patented the company`s system of approved Smart Fitness techniques (Smart Fitness), which is the basis of all X-Fit training programs. In September 2017 the system was updated and restarted – Smart Fitness vol. 2.0 operates in all fitness clubs of the network. The company established and operates the faculty X-Fit PRO, which includes several dozen educational programs for professionals in the fitness industry and a wide audience.

X-Fit has more than fifty prestigious prizes, awards, diplomas and diplomas. Among them: in 2017 the network of fitness clubs became the winner of the award in the field of sport and healthy lifestyle support”Sport and Russia” in the nomination”Best Innovative Fitness Club”; business prize of public activity”Best in Russia /” – according to the results of 2015 the X-Fit network was recognized as the best in the category”Network of sports clubs”;”Moscow businessman – 2016″ and”Moscow businessman – 2015″ in the category”The best network of fitness clubs in Moscow”;”Moscow businessman – 2014″ in the nomination”Services in the field of sports”;”Person of the Year – 2011″ in the nomination”For the creation of the largest network of fitness clubs” according to RBC;”Entrepreneur of the Year – 2010″ in the nomination”Services” according to Ernst & Young; diploma from the Moscow government”Moscow businessman” in the nomination”Medicine, leisure, sports and health services”; the first Russian award in the field of beauty and health”Grace”; Grand Prix”Best network fitness center” and many others.

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