Flabby skin on the abdomen: the best methods of disposal

Flabby skin on the abdomen: the best methods of getting rid of


One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to get rid of sagging abdominal skin is admitted to the pool. In addition to swimming, you can practice aqua aerobics in the pool. Performing simple exercises in the water will strengthen the effect of swimming, and flabby skin will begin to acquire elasticity.

Occupations with a hoop against sagging skin

If you can not allocate time to visit the pool, purchase a weighted hoop and turn it intensively in the breaks between household chores. It is advisable to twist the hoop regularly, paying each time at least 30 minutes. The skin will tighten, the waist will become thinner. The first classes, perhaps, will give you painful feelings, but over time, massaging the stomach will bring the desired results that are worth such sacrifices.

Running and fitness

Take for yourself the rule of doing morning jogs. This will not only help you to remove the”apron” on your abdomen, but still allow you to keep your muscles toned.

You can remove the stomach in the gym. A more significant load on the muscles will have fitness classes. If you are not allowed to go to the gym, do physical exercises at home. Swing the press, do morning exercises, give up the elevator and use the stairs. Move more, and the waist will become thinner, and the stomach – more elastic.

Take a contrast shower. The change of cool and warm water tones, cleanses and improves blood circulation. Work through problem areas with a washcloth.

Masks for the abdomen

Help in the fight against flabby skin and a special mask for the abdomen. As a basis, take white clay, the main property of which is the regenerating effect. Apply the mask once a week, necessarily combining this procedure with exercises with a hoop.

To remove the mask, it is best to take a bath with the addition of essential oils. Regularly add two drops of natural juniper, orange or jojoba oil to the hot water, and soon notice how the skin becomes elastic.

Bath procedures

Return to the form and make the skin more elastic will help weekly trips to the bath. Going to the bath, take a thermos with infusion of herbs and a birch broom. It is desirable that in the steam room there was a pool with cool water, to immerse in it is incredibly pleasant after steaming.

To ensure that all the listed methods bring the desired result, and the saggy skin of the abdomen becomes elastic, perform them correctly and regularly.


Plan your menu so that you have at least 120 grams of protein products per day in your diet. It can be a bird, seafood, chicken. Eat fruits, vegetables and greens. If weight loss and skin tightening are for winter or spring, include in the diet a complex of vitamins.

Consume 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. Water removes slag, normalizes the water balance, ensures the stable operation of the entire body and increases the elasticity of the skin.

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