Flavors of wealth and money

Flavors of Wealth and Money

Oils that attract money luck, it is easy to buy in any aromatic department. Try not to save on the quality of oil. Since buying cheap, you risk acquiring a chemical mixture in which the percentage of the most natural oil is very small. As a result, the impact of this substitute will not be as strong as you expected.

The oils that attract wealth and money luck include: patchouli, cinnamon, cedar, neroli, limette, sage, rose. These oils can be used either separately or as a mixture. Ways of using oils for increasing money luck are very different: baths, aroma lamps, smearing of notes, purse, etc.

To prepare an aromatic bath you will need: a tablespoon of salt, patchouli oil – 3 drops, cedar oil – 1 drop, cinnamon oil – 1 drop. Oils mix and drip on salt. It is not necessary to dissolve the resulting composition in a bath immediately. Take a glass of warm water and add salt and oils there. Now you can apply magic to enhance the effect of oils. Whisper on your glass with water, your cherished desire, related to money, for example, tell me how much money you need to buy a thing. Now pour the water into a filled bath and proceed to bathing.

You can prepare the following mixture for the aroma lamp or the smearing of bills, piggy bank, purse: 7 drops of patchouli oil, 2 drops of nutmeg oil, 5 drops of cedar oil and 1 drop of cinnamon oil. Preparing this mixture, think about how much money you need, and what wishes you want to fulfill with them.

The following aroma mixture is very effective: 2 drops of neroli oil, 3 drops of sage oil, 2 drops of rose oil, 5 drops of oil.

The main oil of wealth is patchouli. You can safely use it to aromatize your wallet and money.

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