Folk signs of pregnancy

Folk signs of pregnancy

It would seem that some of the signs are so absurd that they are even seriously hard to perceive, but the consciousness of a pregnant woman seems to purposely clings to all the bad things that can happen to her baby. And in vain! To believe in whether this or that sign is real or unreal is the choice of each person, but very much depends on what our subconscious mind is configured for. If a person seriously begins to believe in a sign, then he seems to be”programming” himself to follow or not follow this prediction. The women`s magazine JustLady together with you will try to analyze how justified are the most common folk signs about pregnancy.

If you do not believe in people`s signs of pregnancy , then just do not pay attention to them. If they mean something to you, then for your peace of mind try to stick to them. Remember that most people`s decisions are scientifically unjustified, and even more so – sometimes they are just paradoxical. If you are curious how women defined the sex of a baby without modern technology, then you will be interested in some signs.

So, if you most often sleep on your left side, then most likely you will have a boy. Accordingly, if on the right – that girl. If you adore citrus, then this inclination foreshadows you a girl. The skin began to be strongly shelled and cracked? Wait for the girl. If pregnancy passes easily, and you feel in yourself lightness and gracefulness, then this also points to the girl, as well as her stout face. But the craving for salty, the feeling of being clumsy clearly indicates that you will raise a son. There are folk signs about pregnancy , associated with the location of the abdomen. So, if the stomach is low, it`s a boy, a tall one is a girl. Accelerated hair growth on the legs, as well as constantly cold legs indicate that you are waiting for a son.

Some folk signs of pregnancy are associated with the behavior of a future mother. JustLady magazine is in a hurry to introduce you to them. So, if a woman does not tell others about pregnancy for a long time, folk wisdom says that she is waiting for a girl. And vice versa, if you happily share your happiness – there will be a boy. Does the future mother get annoyed by the men around her? So she is waiting for her daughter. In general, the mood of a woman by legends also points to the sex of the child. If a woman carries the entire pregnancy with a good mood, then she will have a boy, with a bad girl. Of course, all of the above depends more on the nature of the future mother, the conditions of her life, marital status, than the sex of the baby.

people`s signs during pregnancy

Folk signs of pregnancy: what can, and what can not be done to a future mother

Folk wisdom says that a woman in the position is forbidden to sit on the doorstep. Our great-great-grandmothers believed that the threshold is the boundary between our and the other world, and on this border, evil forces can harm us. JustLady sees this as a much more real concern for the health of a pregnant woman: the threshold is not the best place for her, because it`s better to sit where there is no draft.

Another folk sign sounds like this: a woman can not eat secretly, otherwise her child will be very shy. JustLady is sure that the timidity of the child does not depend on the strange Mama`s habit of hiding from everyone to eat. But! Nothing useful to eat in secret and in a hurry, no. If you want a snack, then eat normally, without worrying that someone will”catch” you.

There are folk signs about pregnancy that say that a pregnant woman should wear clothes without knots, should not weave and knit. Our ancestors believed that, tying a knot, a woman was tying her child the way to this world. In addition, the knotted knot was associated with the umbilical cord, in which the child may become confused. If you follow the signs, then the woman can not cut and sew anything during pregnancy, otherwise the child will have a birthmark. On what this belief is based, it is difficult to understand. In fact, needlework can not do any harm to a pregnant woman. However, and here she needs to be attentive: a future mother can not be in a sitting position for a long time, therefore the magazine JustLady recommends that you often get up, warm up, change your pose.

Some folk signs about pregnancy are not without foundation. For example, a sign associated with the fact that a woman can not look at the terrible, because a child can be born ugly. Indeed, the child, even in the womb, already responds to the light, sounds, emotions of the mother. Therefore, a woman is better to surround herself with something positive and beautiful. In a word, all those that cause positive emotions. This will be useful for the baby, and for the mother herself. There is a sign that a pregnant woman can not be sheared, because because of this, a child can be born ahead of time. However, such an assertion is scientifically groundless, so if you want to make yourself a new haircut, cut yourself into pleasure.

Alice Terentyev
Women`s magazine JustLady

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