french manicure at home

French manicure at home

You do not need special expensive tricks, everything that is used for training and for the manicure itself, there is in the arsenal of every woman.

Preparation of nails for manicure:

– Shorten the nail clippers to the desired length with the forceps.

– Then give them the necessary shape with a nail file. The shape should be rectangular, with rounded edges. It is advisable to use a granite nail file, as the metal contributes to the stratification of the nail.

– Make a bath for your hands to properly soften the cuticle.

– Then wipe your hands and brush under your fingernails with a special brush, and also lubricate the cuticle of the nail roller with a nutritious cream.

– Carefully, without damaging the skin, move the cuticle with a boxwood stick.

– Remove the burrs with scissors or scissors.

– Polish the surface of the nail with a medium-sized file.

– Rinse your hands again, wipe and apply a nourishing cream.

– Wipe off the nails with a small amount of lacquer liquid to degrease the surface. This is necessary in order that the varnish does not exfoliate, after application and even lay down.

– Apply a mineral protective backing. Then the lacquer will lie flat, and the nails will not be yellow. Let it dry.

– We put white varnish on the tip of the nail. This is the most important stage. To make the”smile” as smooth as possible, glue a special stencil along the free line for the French manicure. After applying a white lacquer in 2 layers, allow it to dry. Remove the stencil. Manicure will be more impeccable if the inner side of the nail is brought with a special whitening pencil.

– Apply a polish of peach, pale pink or milky color to the nails in one or two layers. For this stage, semi-transparent colors are usually used.

– And finally, apply a nail polish over all nails. It will help the main varnish to dry quickly, and that will last longer on your nails. Often experts use shiny coatings with a wet effect, which give the manicure a chic shine.

Wait 10 to 15 minutes and enjoy your creation! As you can see, it`s not so difficult to make a classic franchise. Continue to play with flowers, rhinestones and sequins, you can also try to make a non-standard”smile” line, etc. Experiment !

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