Gift boxes with own hands

Gift boxes with your own hands

You can beautifully pack a gift with the help of specialists. They and a nice gift box will pick up, and the bow on her skillfully tied. But still it`s not that. It`s just that if you make a gift yourself. After all, it was you, and not someone else for long hours, and perhaps even days went shopping and looked for a suitable, necessary gift. And who besides yourself can know how best to present this gift to this or that person.

It`s pretty simple to make the prettiest gift box. And most importantly cheap. For its creation, old things, lying around on the mezzanines and shelves of cabinets, will also fit. All kinds of colored buttons, ribbons, bows, cuts of fabric, thread, flower wrap, straw and twigs, at the worst, just colored paper. There are lots of options. You just need to show a little imagination, and now a simple small cardboard box, pasted with different in shape and color buttons, acquires originality. And it becomes a decent cover for your gift.

Cover the box with colored scraps of cloth or paper, sprinkle with colored beads or colored sugar (pre-greased with glue), and then attach a large fluffy bow to the box lid. Get a very beautiful gift box, which you spend a mere penny. But the very process of production will bring you a sea of ​​self-satisfaction. And how much joy, delight and surprise you will see when you present your present. Such a box, for sure, will be the most incomparable.

And here is another idea of ​​the gift box. Take a simple cardboard box and paint it and paste pre-cut pictures (preferably if they are colored). If a person is close to you, then you can paste your photos together instead of pictures. Such a gift box and a beautiful turn out and very sweet, romantic.

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