Gold and Schimmer: New Year’s trend of make-up

Gold and Schimmer: New Year`s Makeup Trends

Gold shine for face and body

Even the most restrained makeup will get a festive look, if you use creams and gels with light-reflecting particles to tone the skin. Under make-up, apply a golden or pearly pink base – it will refresh your face, and cosmetics will lie perfectly flat. On top of the base, apply a foundation, which will create a beautiful shade of the skin. To give the final gloss, use a transparent powder with reflective particles. Put it on the whole face and neck.

Arrange shiny accents with the help of haylaytera in the form of cream, gel or powder. Apply the remedy over the blush, put a little in the corners of the eyes, on the forehead and chin. Choose delicate highlighter without large sparkles – they look natural and elegant.
Giving a beautiful radiance to the body can be done with fragrant gels with the smallest sparkles. Put them on the neck, d̩collet̩ area and open hands. Instead of a gel, you can use a shining cream or powder Рthese tools not only create a beautiful shade of skin, but also take care of it.

Glow of the eyes: add sparkles and gold

Shiny shadows and dry glitter will accentuate the eyes. This make-up is not for the timid – it will instantly turn you into a party star. The easiest option is to use golden cream or powder shadows. Put them on the entire mobile eyelid. The lower eyelid can be emphasized by golden gel podvodkoj. This make-up should be supplemented with a lengthening ink of a glossy-black or chocolate shade. If you want to make it even more elegant, tint the ends of your eyelashes with golden ink.

Love the arrows, but do not know how to draw them smoothly and accurately? Use the novelty – arrow-stickers, which in a couple of minutes will transform your eyes. For the party, arrows are suitable for shiny or matte gold. This makeup looks unusual, but very fashionable. Brilliant accents soften with classic black ink. It is better to use an extension means – through long neat eyelashes, golden glare will beautifully shine

Another fashionable option is gold eyeliner. Select it the inner corners of the eyes: this simple technique will make the iris shine. Golden accents are beautifully combined with the most fashionable shades of the season – blue and green.

When choosing a lipstick, stop on a dense glossy product without a shimmer. Lips should contrast with shining skin and sequins on the eyelids. For a more extravagant make-up, you can prefer a velvety matte lipstick of wine or dark red color.

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