Golden dress: how to choose, with what to combine

Golden dress: how to choose, with what to combine

For the sewing of evening dresses, luxury and expensive glitter of gold fabrics are excellent. But keep in mind that such a fabric is already self-sufficient, which means that it does not need additional decor. If you are going to buy such an evening outfit, then give preference to dresses of simple cut, in which there are no catchy details and ornate decorations. It is such a golden dress that will look at you stylishly and exquisitely.

Picking accessories and shoes for the dress of gold, remember that no material can compete with gold. Therefore, bring in your ensemble a variety of details, but in small quantities. They should be made of soft, light materials. Shoes generally desirable to purchase neutral tones. The best option if they are flesh-colored. Look great in combination with a gold dress shoes, covered with silk. Handbag is best to pick up a small velvet. In addition, a strap that emphasizes the waist is allowed. It can be under the color of shoes or contrast with the dress, but it should not be colored.

Remember that the fabric of the color of gold itself is pretentious. Neutralize this impression will help the low-visibility,”air” accessories. The same applies to pantyhose. They should be either neutral bodily, or, if you need it, black. But choose them without glitter and drawings.

If you choose a golden dress, it means that you are giving up bright ornaments. However, you can pick up any one exquisite, but discreet decoration. They can become earrings from a shiny dark stone or a ring with a dark semi-precious stone of warm shade.

Special attention and make-up should be given. Make-up under the golden dress should be done very expressive. Eyes on the background of gold will be lost, so properly select them with shadows, pencil, ink.

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