Good cosmetics – expensive cosmetics?

Good cosmetics - expensive cosmetics?

      Someone clever has long said that good can not be cheap. This statement has some truth. After all, for the best product should only go natural raw materials, which are more expensive than chemical additives. But at the same time there are some commercial secrets about which not everyone knows.

First you need to be aware of the pitfalls of advertising. Every advertising trick is designed for human weaknesses: greed, envy, the desire to match and even stand out, the desire to please men, laziness, love for beautiful tricks, faith in authority, respect for smart words, economic illiteracy, curiosity, a propensity for experimentation and faith in miracles . And the female psyche is very pliable.

For example, there is a great temptation to make a purchase, if in the appendage the manufacturer gives”free of charge” 30% of the products, as the packaging of the goods”screams”. Or on the TV show how the”smart” customer began to use the”miracle cream” and a week later became a stunning beauty.

Numerous commercials offer super-systems for rejuvenation,”magic” means for quickly getting rid of cellulite without any worries, creams for breast augmentation, etc. All these”lotions” are decorated in shiny, colorful packages. From the screen about them competently speak all dear actors, experts of institutes of beauty, dermatologists and stomatologists.

We should try to be critical about advertising. First, the advertising company costs a lot of money. If the manufacturer is thoroughly spent on the promotion of his products, then he pays for his expenses with an additional addition in the cost of the goods. Moreover, when shopping is necessary to control yourself and remember the hidden impact of advertising.

Glossy catalogs of cosmetics are especially colorful, and they are distributed by consultants. Usually in the catalogs there is a triple cheat on the price, as cosmetics pass through at least two intermediaries-distributors. But manufacturers of cosmetics in this case, too, should not remain without income. And there is a big overpayment.

To buy useful and quality products, you need to read reviews about cosmetics on the forums. It is there that you can learn the whole truth without embellishment. But we must take into account that there is also advertising there. Imported cosmetics are always ahead of the price of domestic products. But this speaks not so much of quality, but of that it is necessary to justify money for the transportation of products.

Natural cosmetics – usually domestic. As for the introduction of modern technologies, our country lags far behind the countries of Europe. That is why it is considered that it is the most useful for the skin. It is important to pay attention to the expiry date of the goods, as well as the ingredients.

For example, lecithin and albumin are completely incapable, as advertised, to”push wrinkles from within.” They only form a film on the skin, which creates the appearance of straightening wrinkles. When washed, the effect disappears.

Another trick is the claim that precious metals have been added to the cream, which have a beneficial effect on the skin. This can not be true, since gold, platinum and silver can not interact with the skin. In such expensive creams usually there is a reflection-flicker effect, which helps to hide flaws.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are important constituents of the human skin. With age, there is a shortage of them. And unscrupulous producers write that the cream contains one or all of the three ingredients in its pure form. In truth, only compositions containing them can be added to the cream. They can be called, for example,”elastin of vegetable origin” or”hydrolyzed collagen”.

In general, you should not overpay for a”fairy tale” and for brands. Slow down the aging process of the skin can only regular moisturizing and nourishing the skin with quality, not expensive cosmetics.

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