Gymnastics with eye fatigue

Gymnastics with eye fatigue

      Gymnastics for the eyes helps relieve tension and strengthen different groups of eye muscles. Convenience is that you can spend it at work, at home, and on the street. But that the result of the exercises was positive, you should perform the exercises regularly.

Start with relaxing the eyes. Close your eyelids and put your palms to them. Within minutes, get used to the darkness. When any flickering disappears, open your eyes and blink often.

Keep your head straight and motionless, begin to slowly translate the view from top to bottom, from side to side, then crosswise. Start with 5 repetitions and bring up to 10 times.

Make your eyes look like a figure eight, and then rotate the eyeballs several times in each direction. In closing, close your eyes, and when you open it, often blink.

Draw a clearly visible point on the glass so that it is at eye level. Get up from her at a distance of not more than a meter. Begin to translate the look then to the mark, then through it – to a remote object on the street, located at the same level. Slowly repeat at least 5 minutes. In closing, close your eyes and open them after getting used to the darkness.

For a few minutes, watch for a rhythmically moving object. If there is no such, take the pen (ruler) and, rotating it in different directions, watch it without turning your head.

Close your eyes, after 5 seconds, open and look at the bridge of the nose. Repeat at least 5 times. This exercise helps to relieve tired eyes.

In closing, close your eyes, relax your eyelids so that they do not tremble. Attach the palms to them and get used to the dark within 1-2 minutes. This exercise perfectly removes tension, so it`s good for them to start and finish gymnastics for the eyes.

To strengthen vision, it is desirable to regularly review stereograms. This lesson is not only useful for the eyes, but also fascinating.

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