H & amp; M released the first eco-friendly sports collection

A collection of sports things from recycled materials, a lukbook for which was taken in the mountains, will be on sale on December 29.

H & M released the first eco-friendly sports collection


H & amp; M`s first sports eco-collection included sets of things for yoga, jogging, hiking and cross-fencing. In total, 15 things, including very sexy sconces with a deep neckline, monochrome olimpics, leggings with stripes, prints and transparent inserts, as well as T-shirts and T-shirts with the inscription”Future is the winner”.

“Our goal is to offer our customers a stylish and eco-friendly collection of sportswear,” says designer of the Petra Smeds line. – And not only due to materials – we used new technologies of weaving that allow creating seamless products, spending less yarn and reducing the amount of waste. The combination of functionality, conscious consumption and fashion is a serious leap forward.”

On sale – since December 29 in stores and on the H & amp; M website.


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