Hair curling on curlers

Curl hair curlers

Let`s start, perhaps, with the selection of suitable curlers, considering all kinds of this device.

Types of hair curlers


In the Soviet era, thermobigurs were extremely popular. Probably, there was no such apartment where, having risen in the morning, it was impossible to find out on the stove a saucepan with plastic tubules. Earlier filler for curlers was paraffin or graphite, and they were heated, as was said, in boiling water.

There is such a hair curler type and now. They are comfortable to use and the hairstyle after such a curl retains its shape for a long time. Their main drawback is that, not having the proper skill, you can spend too much time on the wave, and some of the tubes will have time to cool down before the end of the winding. Also you can not hurry with them – if you remove them before cooling down, then the curls will not hold.

However, if you do not hurry and curl hair curlers for you are a common thing, the result will certainly please you.

Here also it should be noted that such hair curlers are better for short hair – the process of waving will take less time.

Electric curlers

It`s the same as the thermobigi, they only heat up on a special stand that works from the network. Such curlers are convenient in that they will stay hot for as long as you need.


Pretty light plastic tubes with brushes inside. This device is convenient in that it does not require additional fixation of the curl. Also on them it is convenient to wind hair with milled, torn ends – they will be well fixed due to the brush.

This hair curler type is also available with a metal tube.
But if the first can be dried with a hair dryer, then the second is better to withstand at room temperature, as from the hair dryer the metal curlers get very hot.

It`s better not to use hair curlers, if you have thin weak hair, since there is a risk of confusing them during unwinding.

Foam curlers

An excellent way for those who are used to indulge in beauty from the evening. On such soft things it is possible to sleep all night, if, of course, they are correctly fixed. However hair curlers for curling hair from foam rubber should be sufficiently dense, otherwise the curl will deform. If you are not going to sleep in them, then the density does not matter.

curlers for hair


Another very convenient device. These are ducts made of dense foam rubber with a flexible metal rod inside. Convenient in that they do not heat up during drying with a hair dryer and do not require special clamps. To fix the curl it is enough to bend the edges of the tube.

Curlers with velor coating

Such hair curlers are recommended by professional stylists, as the safest. Their surface is rough enough that the curl does not slip, but at the same time they do not confuse the hair in the same way as the hedgehog curlers do.

Also these curlers are light enough and do not delay hair. A lock is conveniently fixed with a stick, which is threaded into the curler opening.

types of hair curlers

Curling Hair Curlers

Choosing suitable hair curlers , you should pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the diameter. So, smaller hair curlers will be suitable for short hair. Medium – for medium length hair, and also to create a”wave” on long hair. To impart fluffiness and volume to long hair, it is better to choose large diameter curlers.

In addition to the correct selection of hair curlers, before using it is good to learn how to properly twist the hair on them, because negligence will immediately nullify all your efforts.

Before curling, the hair is well combed and slightly moistened. If you have special fixing solutions for your hair type, be sure to use them – they will ease the winding and help keep the hairstyle for a longer time.

Get a comb with a long thin end, like a hairdresser. It is needed in order to exactly separate the strands.
It is usually recommended to wind a strand not more than 5 cm wide, but if you have long enough curlers, watch, at least to ensure that the width of the strand does not exceed the length of the tube.

Pay special attention to the ends. They need to be applied smoothly and accurately to the curlers and tightly twisted so that they do not break out of the strand. If you do not follow this, at the end of the strand you get an inaccurate hall, which will ruin the look of the stacking.

Brush your hair evenly, slightly pulling back the strand, but also not too zealous. Also try not to attach the curlers too tightly to the head. From such actions, the roots of the hair are damaged, which is extremely undesirable for us.

Beginning to curl usually from the crown, then lay the back and side parts and at the end – the front. If, as you wind up, your hair dries up and the strands fall apart, moisten them a little. But make sure that they do not become too wet, otherwise the drying will take a lot of time.

To untwist ringlets it is necessary only after complete drying and cooling (if using thermal hair or drying with hot air), otherwise they will straighten.
After removing the hair curlers, the hair is neatly combed and shaped. For better fixing, apply hair spray.

Doing curling hair on the hair curlers , you should not curl all the curls in one direction, it is better to wind the different zones in different directions – horizontally and vertically. How and what to wind, depends on your haircuts, hair length, and, of course, the desired result.

hairpins for hair

Hairpins for hair

It would be a great omission not to mention one more way of curling – hairpin. It`s such a thin curler, like a bobbin for a perm.

Papillos were more famous in past centuries, and even men could not use them. They were made of cloth or paper and wound on their hair, creating small rings or tight spirals.

Now hairpins also find use. Fashion women wind their strands with astonishing patience. And it`s worth it: after such a wave, even the most stubborn hair will curl”a shallow demon.”

However, there is some danger here. With enough thin hair, there is a risk not to comb such a head of hair or completely confuse the hair file in strands. Therefore, in addition to the angelic patience during the curling, the same diligence is required when unwinding.

If you managed to remove all the hairpins to one, do not rush to grab the comb. Comb your hair with your fingers and they will form beautiful curls. Even more effective will look a hairstyle, if to wind stripes on papilotki not straight locks, and first to twist them into flagella.

It seems that hairpins for hair are best for those who have short and medium length haircuts, because the tube is thin enough, and the long strand just does not take the right shape. Also, use hairpins better on thick enough hair, so that the resulting hair does not resemble a dandelion.

Alexandra Panyutina
Women`s magazine JustLady

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