Hardware manicure. Disadvantages of the procedure

Hardware manicure. Disadvantages of the procedure

They say that the very idea of ​​a hardware manicure appeared more than 50 years ago, but the interest of women`s representatives in the hardware has only recently won the attention.

Its meaning is that the manicure is done on a dry, unedged, and is carried out with the help of a special apparatus with a lot of different grinding attachments. Each nozzle has its own function, so the hardware manicure itself takes less time than with the classic edged manicure.

With this method of manicure it is almost impossible to cut the skin around the nails or to touch blood vessels, since the grinding machine removes the dead cells of the cuticle. If an ordinary file severely injures dry skin, then the device will make the procedure much more pleasant. Moreover, people who suffer from constant burrs, the hardware method will like. Since the hands are not pre-soaked, and the necessary trace elements are not washed away, unwanted exfoliation of the nails can be avoided.

Cuticle after the hardware manicure grows slowly, which will allow you to give less time and effort to manicure.

However, despite all these advantages of the hardware manicure, there are a number of shortcomings.

First, no manicure is perfect. And the hardware method is no exception. The machine can not cope with neglected nails with overgrown cuticles, for hardware manicure nails should be themselves well-groomed.

Secondly, it`s insecurity. Despite the fact that the hardware manicure is considered the most safe because of the use of a grinder, this same grinder in inept hands can cause great harm. For example, the nozzle can fall off – and very much damage both the nail itself and the skin around it.

Thirdly, it is impossible to do a manicure quickly at home using a conventional manicure kit. It is required to have a grinding machine with a sufficient number of baits.

Fourthly, with mismanagement you can get very carried away and cut the skin too much around the nails or touch the nails yourself.

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