Harm to the eyes: books, TV and computer

Harm to the Eyes: Books, TV and Computer

It is known that it is the younger generation that is more exposed to the dangers of eye diseases, since his habit of accumulating knowledge with the help of ubiquitous electronics is not much stronger than the traditional reading of books peculiar to the older generation. And if we talk about the constant craving for watching television, then it begins to manifest itself today even among the youngest children. And thus there are no special questions about the causes of the deviation of vision from the norm from the youngest years.

First of all, many hours of communication with a television and a computer, as well as all kinds of electronic devices, such as smartphones, e-books, netbooks and others, for the eyes is fraught with a malfunction of the lacrimal canals, so that the eyeball stops moistening properly, and the so-called chronic dryness of the eye is developed. In addition, there may be more deeper problems, with time only worsening in the absence of emergency and professional medical care.

In addition, prolonged eye contact with the monitor, even the latest generation, has a number of deleterious side effects for health associated with the inevitable blinking of the display, usually not perceived visually, but distinctly caught by the eye. And frequent headaches, fatigue, irritability may well be the result of the use of screens of various models and types.

But this situation becomes most alarming given that precautions when working with monitors are widely known. Quite often we meet with warnings from possible problems, scientific research of professional ophthalmologists, special literature and other sources that present information in the most detailed and popular way. And, at the same time, we are witnessing the spread of eye diseases, which are of a massive nature and, alas,”young people” every day. What is the reason for this frivolous attitude, it is difficult to answer, but from this the danger, unfortunately, does not decrease.

That`s why it would be superfluous to warn again and again about possible problems of such a gift of nature itself – vision, as well as the necessary measures to protect it, among which one can call a regular visit to the oculist, competent and detailed diagnosis, adherence to the time frame and distance from the screens, the use of health-improving gymnastics for the eyes, periodic change of activities during the day, walking in the fresh air, balanced nutrition and, most importantly, responsible awareness of its task to hurt the clarity and clarity of vision for a long, long time.

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