Harmful composition of face creams

Harmful composition of face creams

The harmful composition of face creams is not so easy to recognize, even if it is written in a tube or jar in Russian. To understand and determine the usefulness of most ingredients, even the five in chemistry at school will not help. Let`s consider some of them.

Mineral oil, which is a part of many moisturizing facial creams is a product of the oil refining industry and adversely affects the skin. It simply clogs the pores, preventing them from breathing. The result of such a”magic” action may be an acne.

Many of the facial creams also contain parabens. These substances are used to increase the shelf life of the cream, that is, in fact, it is preservatives. In some cases, they can cause allergic reactions, dermatitis and even breast cancer. Although officially paraben is considered a safe substance.

To make the skin soft, cream manufacturers use arachidonic acid, which is extracted from the animal`s liver. Prior to getting into cosmetology, it was used to produce a substance that does not allow moisture to pass through. The result of prolonged use of this substance can be a decrease in the natural ability of the skin to resist external stimuli. As a consequence – inflammation, redness, itching.

In the composition of the face cream, you can find another substance that is designed to make the skin soft – benzocaine. It is also used for medical purposes as a preparation for local anesthesia. With prolonged use can cause disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system.

As you may have guessed, this is far from an incomplete list of substances that make up facial creams and can cause significant harm to your skin and health in general.

But not all the ingredients contained in the cream are fraught with negative consequences. The composition of creams includes and useful substances. Basically, it is extracts of all sorts of plants, for example, aloe vera. Also natural oils and other substances that can really make your skin irresistible. But, as a rule, they are negligible.

Read the composition of face creams, do not rely on the conscience of producers, use only proven means and be beautiful and young.

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