Home masks for dry hair: folk recipes to guard the beauty of ringlets

Home masks for dry hair: folk recipes for guarding the beauty of ringlets

We can not fundamentally change the natural data, and we are unlikely to completely abandon all the pleasures that allow us to change the color and appearance of hair in the near future. Therefore, there is only one thing – if possible to reduce the negative impact on their own hair and constantly pamper them with effective means against dryness. And since one of the most effective means in this case are home masks for dry hair , JustLady suggests talking about ways to prepare them.

Owners of dry hair know that dry hair is not just a reason to buy cosmetics designed for this type of hair. This is a real problem, which is accompanied by such unpleasant phenomena as fragility, dullness and generally unimportant kind of hair. To let things go on their own in this case is impossible, because already damaged hair will not be restored on its own, and curls that are dry by nature are unlikely to change just one morning. So, you need to start to nourish the hair with moisture right now. Fortunately, folk recipes on which you can prepare home masks for dry hair , enough for even those who like to constantly experiment.

Egg therapy

A mask for dry hair with an egg is one way to quickly eliminate excess dryness of hair, make it more elastic and shiny. There are several recipes for preparing an egg mask for damaged hair or hair that are dry by nature. JustLady offers to cook one of the most effective.

Egg-garlic mask is prepared by mixing one yolk, one teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon of mayonnaise and two pre-chopped cloves of garlic. The mask is applied over the entire length of the hair, including the roots. Then a polyethylene hat is put on, and the head is wrapped up with a towel. Therapy lasts about half an hour, after which the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo.

You can prepare and egg-and-vinegar mask, because it is known that vinegar remarkably softens the hair and gives them shine. In order to assess the merits of this mask, you need to mix one egg with one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of glycerin. In the resulting mixture, add two tablespoons of castor oil, and similarly to the previous mask for half an hour, put on the hair along the entire length. After removing the mask from the hair, we use shampoo.

Honey-cognac mask for dry hair – another hit. And not in vain. Cognac is also able to give shine to the hair, and other mask ingredients literally revitalize the hair and make their appearance much more attractive. To prepare this mask you will need one yolk, one teaspoon of cognac, as much honey and one tablespoon of burdock or olive oil. Mix a mixture of these components over the entire length of the hair and create a sauna effect for hair using a polyethylene cap and a towel. After two and a half hours, wash off the mask, then rinse the hair with shampoo.

And did you know that hair also likes yogurt? Especially in a mixture with the egg. So why not pamper them with such a treat? Mix 5 tablespoons of natural yogurt with one egg, and, voila, the delicacy is ready. Hair enough for 15 minutes in order to enjoy a delicacy. After the procedure, wash them with shampoo.

Ginseng is useful not only for the body as a whole. Its medicinal properties are an excellent basis for a mask for dry hair. Mix until a homogeneous mass of egg yolk with one teaspoon of tincture of ginseng and one tablespoon of cream of high fat. Begin the application of the resulting mask for dry hair from the roots, gradually distributing it along the entire length of the hair. Keeps this mask for dry tips and damaged hair 2 hours. To enhance the effect, put on a polyethylene cap and wrap the head with a towel. After two hours, wash off the mask and just rinse your hair without using shampoo.

Herbal Therapy

An excellent dry hair mask is made from nettle herbs and chamomile. These ingredients must be mixed in a 1: 1 ratio so that in the end the amount of the mixture will fit into one tablespoon. Further, the mask for dry tips and damaged hair is prepared as follows: the herbal mixture is poured into 1.5 cups of boiling water and infused for two hours. The resulting infusion is filtered, and the pulp of rye bread is added to it. The mask is applied for one hour and after the procedure is washed off with warm water


Some vegetables and fruits are excellent ingredients, which can include a mask for dry hair tips , as well as for the entire length of dry, damaged hair.

Let`s start with vegetables. For this we mix 200 gr. juice of courgettes with one tablespoon of olive oil and with 150 ml. milk. The effect of this mask for dry hair should last twenty minutes, after which it must be washed off, and the hair thoroughly washed with shampoo.

Let`s go to the dessert. A good effect gives a banana-honey mask for damaged hair. Sounds appetizing, right? To make sure that the hair also likes this combination, mix 50 grams of honey with one shredded banana and apply the mixture for half an hour on the already washed hair. After the mask is washed away, the hair should be rinsed with the shampoo again.

As you can see, making home masks for dry hair is not difficult. So choose the favorite recipe, and start to feed and moisturize your hair right now.

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