How Anna Sedakova made a breast

How Anna Sedakova made a breast

Being very young, Anna began to engage in dancing and music. She was very responsible for her studies, so she graduated with honors from not only general education but also a music school. After school she entered the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, which she also finished with good grades. Her cherished dream was to sing in the”ViaGra” group. She repeatedly came to the castings and liked the producers very much, but there was always something wrong, too young and she could not be a member of the band. But Anna decided that she would still sing along with them, and while she was trying hard to prove that she was old enough and independent. At this time, she worked as a model and leading the”OTV” music channel, and finally, the producers of”Viagra” drew attention to Anna Sedakova and invited her to the collective. During the time when Anna was a participant of this trio of”ViaGra”, she reached the peak of her career.

But suddenly Anna leaves the group”Viagra” and marries a famous football player Valentine Belkevich, by the end of the year they have a daughter Alina. However, the marital life of Anna did not last long, they divorced. According to Anna, she was tired of endless betrayals.

There were rumors that Anna Sedakova had made herself a breast, because she claimed that she fed her daughter with breast milk, and her breast looks even after feeding to 100%. So is it true? But on this account there are no confirmations, so it`s safe to say that the breast is not real, you can not. Anna herself claims that her breasts are so natural, she just did special physical exercises to maintain the shape of the chest and therefore looks just perfect. To all women who want to have an attractive bust, Anna advises to press off the floor and engage in special simulators.

Anna Sedakova married for the second time a businessman and manager of”Formula One” Maxim Shevchenko, with whom she met for quite some time. Anna and her future husband chose the day of the wedding ceremony for a long time. The wedding was held in Hollywood style, and newlyweds were congratulated only by close friends and relatives. All the celebration was moved to the restaurant, and the end of the celebration was the taking out of wedding cakes, which were two colors, black and white. Honeymooners spent the honeymoon in the United Arab Emirates.

Now Anna is very active in various projects, performs solo and is shot in the movie!

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