How beautiful to walk on heels

How beautiful to walk on kabuki

When the phrase of Yu.Antonov`s famous song is heard”with a flying gait you came out of May, and disappeared from your eyes in the veil of January,” the imagination paints fairy-tale pictures. An image of a certain fairy, walking, without touching the ground, appears before your eyes.
It really is, in part a fairy tale. After all, an easy and weightless gait is not inherent in every woman. Especially if a lady prefers shoes with heels. Often you can see how the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity go on their heels, as if for them it is hard work. The task is really not easy. Nevertheless, it`s nice to walk on your heels, you can learn.
In order to gait in shoes with heels was elegant and scenic, it is important to correctly put the foot. When taking a step, you first need to lean on the heel, and then gently shift to the sock. If you put your foot completely on the entire foot, the knee bends and the gait becomes heavy. you can often notice that the ladies are wearing shoes on their heels, begin to”clump”. This is not surprising. When the toe is wrapped inwards, stability increases. Nevertheless, to improve the aesthetics of gait, socks should look apart.
It is important to remember that when walking forward, you first need to push the body, and then the leg. The length of the step should be equal to the length of the unbrached foot, then the gait will not be bouncing, but calm and smooth. It should be remembered that the leg to which the weight is transferred at the moment must remain straight. So you can avoid”half-bent” legs.
Shoes with stilettos should in no case be smaller in size. They must match the size of the foot and have a comfortable shoe. In order to avoid injury and make the gait of the”flying” leg should be comfortable. Therefore, choosing shoes it is necessary to walk around it in the shopping hall for 10-15 minutes. It`s better to choose shoes from genuine leather, in it the leg will feel more comfortable.
Girls, whose growth does not exceed 170 cm, should not wear heels more than 10 cm. There will be a visual imbalance.
If it is difficult to immediately”stand on the studs,” you should practice on a high platform. The platform removes unnecessary load from the feet and they are less tired. On it you can learn to walk easily and beautifully.
To walk on his heels does not cause unpleasant sensations in the spine, you must directly hold your back, deploy your shoulders and raise your head so that your chin”looks” forward. In other words,”keep your posture.” It is not necessary to walk the way Liya Akhedzhakova described in the film”Office Romance”:”The whole is squandering like an old ragged bashkam, hunches and scratches …”The gait should be elegant and plastic,” the panther`s plastic before the jump.”It`s not necessary to hurry, walking on heels, and even more so to run someone to catch up.
All wishing to master such kind of sports as walking on high heels, physicians recommend to train calf muscles of legs. To do this, you need to do fitness or just walk a lot. Legs should be strong so that gait in high heels does not become a torment.
It is not recommended to walk on hairpins to girls at a young age, 12-17 years, especially if there are problems with the spine.
It should also be remembered that women with varicose veins disease, spine disease and overweight should give up high heels. Walking on them can lead to undesirable consequences.

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