How cosmetics works on DNA

How cosmetics works on DNA

      Before going to the fashion store cosmetics revive the school course of genetics. The description of the active ingredient on the colorful packaging of an expensive cream can be abounded with many special terms that are soothing to an unprepared buyer:”The result is guaranteed – it is confirmed by scientific research”.

The abbreviation”DNA” is commonly referred to as deoxyribonucleic acid, an organic molecule of the cell nucleus that carries genetic information. Cosmetologists have adopted the principle of cell renewal, in which the biopolymer plays a paramount role. Thus, popular DNA cosmetics is designed to stimulate the processes of cellular regeneration and delay aging.

Today, creams are immediately relevant, which directly”affect human DNA.” According to the idea of ​​cosmetologists, the active components of the drug should selectively affect individual human genes: stimulate those responsible for skin renewal and oppress those responsible for its aging.

Makeup artists say: in the future, cosmetics will work at the level of genes. However, it is not yet possible for the consumer to prove that modern genetic engineering allows for the mass production of funds of this level. Meanwhile, some of the”DNA-tools” brand brands are well proven.

For example, vitamin B9 (folic acid), which participates in the process of cell division, is introduced into the composition of innovative creams. In nature, it is a building material for the deoxyribonucleic acid molecule itself. This was adopted by cosmetologists – the cream is designed to prolong the youth and beauty of the skin. However, microbiologists emphasize: the aging process of the human body is so complex that no vitamin in itself is able to slow it down.

DNA cosmetics with sunscreen effect are popular. Dermatologists have proven that only 20% of all skin problems are genetically predetermined. There is the term”photoaging” – it means the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation on the cells of the epidermis, which is the main reason for reducing its elasticity and elasticity. In the description of the lines of DNA cosmetics it is stated: it moisturizes, increases immunity and protects the skin from the harmful sun.

This is due to the analogue of natural deoxyribonucleic acid – plant or animal DNA. As sources of active substances are often taken wheat germ or milk salmon.

“Can the cream contain DNA in its pure form?” – according to microbiologists, while this is a controversial issue. Nevertheless, the positive effect of fashion cosmetics can be obvious. In this case, you are unlikely to wonder what unique substances are part of the remarkable cream.

The main principle of successful makeup remains unchanged – individual selection of cosmetics. Do not get carried away by newfangled trends before you consult with an experienced dermatologist and do not test the effect of the cream on your skin type. This rule applies equally to the usual means, and the most amazing innovations in the field of genetic engineering.

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