How is ultrasonic cleaning done?

How is ultrasonic cleaning done

      Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out using a multifunctional ultrasound machine. Before the procedure begins, the skin is thoroughly cleaned from dirt and cosmetics. Then a special solution is applied to the skin from peeling and mineral water. The very cleansing is carried out with a metal shovel – a scrubber, from which ultrasonic waves emanate. After the procedure, there are no traces, inflammations and redness on the skin.

The positive effect of ultrasonic cleaning is achieved due to mechanical, thermal and physicochemical effects. Due to mechanical amplification, the oscillation in the skin cells. Thermal increases the temperature in the tissues, causing the acceleration of metabolic processes. The physico-chemical effect promotes the restructuring of the intracellular structure. As a result, muscle tone rises, a lifting effect appears and skin rejuvenation occurs.

Often during ultrasonic cleaning, ultraphonophoresis is performed. It includes the incorporation into the skin of nutrients, lymph drainage and micromassage. For this procedure, the ultrasonic mode of operation of the apparatus is changed to pulsed, thermal or non-thermal.

The skin after ultrasonic cleaning looks soft, fresh and refreshed. The procedure smoothes mimic and superficial wrinkles, smooths the unevenness of the skin, narrows the enlarged pores. After cleaning for a long time, the effect of easier penetration of nutrients into skin cells is preserved.

Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for acne, fatty or mixed skin type, enlarged pores, dull complexion, minor cosmetic defects, and also to eliminate pigmentation and wrinkles.

Contraindicated ultrasonic cleaning for certain skin diseases, facial nerve paralysis, neuralgia, acute infectious diseases, dilated capillaries, tumors on the face, after maxillofacial operations and during pregnancy.

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