How quickly to reduce a black eye?

How quickly to reduce a bruise under the eye?

Folk remedies

Remember, in order to quickly remove the bruise under the eye, it is necessary to act for 8 hours as soon as the hematoma under the eye was formed. The next day it will be too late to remove the bruise. Try to hematoma treatment folk remedies. Go to the pharmacy, buy a lead solution and make with it lotions. It will also help to remove the bruise under the eye of an old tool – the body sponge. It is made of powder, which can be purchased at pharmacy kiosks. Mix two tablespoons of powder with a spoonful of water. It turns out something like a test, which must be wrapped in gauze and applied to the bruise.

Folk remedies will help to eliminate the bruise quickly and economically for the budget.


So that the bruises quickly pass, for the night, make a grid of iodine on the site of the bruise and apply a warm compress of the boiled egg. Ointment from bruises”Troxevasin” will also help reduce the bruise under the eye. The main thing here is to carefully apply the ointment on the bruise so that it does not get on the eye`s mucous membrane. Apply a compress of onion and salt to the hematoma. Slice finely one small onion, put on gauze, add two tablespoons of salt. This compress is applied to the bruise several times a day for ten minutes. The healing effect can be obtained from a compress with vegetable oil and honey, as well as yolk and flour. Mix all the ingredients in equal proportions. Apply the compress to the hematoma and hold for an hour.

Quickly reduce the bruise under the eye will help compress, which is easy to do at home.

Cosmetic products

Girls will help to remove the bruise under the eye visiting the solarium. Ultraviolet influences the pigments of the skin, and its swarthy color is able to disguise the bruise. Also use cosmetic means: a corrector, tonal means and matting powder. Do not forget about this accessory, like sunglasses. They will close their eyes and give you a refined look.

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