How the skin and the body of sweets affect the teeth: benefit and harm

How the skin and the body of sweets affect the teeth: benefit and harm

The greatest harm to sweets is first applied to our teeth, especially if they are not very healthy. After all, the cause of caries and the destruction of enamel is the abundance of nutrient medium for bacteria after eating sweets and cakes. Toffee, caramel and chocolate are the winners in this role. In fairness, it should be noted that bitter chocolate, on the contrary, strengthens the teeth due to the presence of antiseptics in cocoa.

Skin is another object of attack of sweets. Its condition directly depends on the proper functioning of the intestine, its microflora. The latter, experiencing the influence of pathogenic bacteria, widely present in cupcakes and cakes, is not able to cope with the task, and the result in the literal sense of the word becomes visible on the face. Early wrinkles on the skin are also due to sweets, eaten in excessive quantities.

The harmful effect of sweet on the body can not be overestimated. The surplus of glucose in the blood causes diabetes, complicates the work of the cardiovascular system, causes allergies. The myth of brain nutrition through sweets is untenable. On the contrary, accustoming takes place and then the brain refuses to work without extra sugar.

The benefits of sweets are much less than harm, but it still exists in some goodies. These include honey, fruit, marmalade, zephyr. These products help the body get rid of accumulated harmful substances. In addition, there are a lot of vitamins in fruits, and honey in general can be taken for a medicine, because it has an anti-inflammatory, tonic and firming effect. The main thing is not to overdo it.

How to make sure that there is not so much harm from sweets? And this is not so difficult. There is absolutely no need to completely abandon the sweet. Accompany each reception of treats by the use of antioxidants. Cranberries, blueberries, bell peppers, sunflower seeds, whole wheat bread, bananas, coconut, legumes, natural honey, fresh vegetables and fruits are the list of natural, no less tasty and at the same time much more useful antioxidants. Deriving surplus glucose, they are the neutralizers of the negative action of sugar in the blood.

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