How to achieve a Hollywood smile

How to achieve a Hollywood smile

      Many people are wondering – why their teeth are not as beautiful as the stars of show business. The fact is that the natural color of the teeth is often not white, but yellowish or grayish. In addition, the characteristics of lifestyle and nutrition can strongly affect the color of the enamel. The most harmful effects on the teeth are sweet fizzy drinks, coffee and tea, red wine. Sometimes the enamel darkens due to the use of certain medicines, for example, tetracycline.

You can whiten your teeth at home using special pastes that remove plaque and bleach the enamel for 1-2 tones. However, the effect from them can be seen only after several weeks of constant use. Or do not see at all if you do not know how to properly brush your teeth. The danger of whitening toothpastes is that they often contain coarse polishing ingredients that can spoil the enamel.

Bleaching with gel is much faster – the result can be seen after the first procedure. However, at home you are unlikely to achieve clarification of the enamel more than 3 shades, while the dentist whitens teeth by 10-15 tones. Similar effect has and clarifying strips – a special gel is already applied to their surface. With daily use, such strips can maintain whiteness of the teeth, but they do not get a strong effect with their help.

A dentist can offer you more effective methods of whitening. For example, laser. For this procedure, a special gel is applied to the enamel, after which a laser is applied. Teeth thus acquire whiteness and brightness of pearls. However, this procedure is suitable only for owners of perfectly healthy teeth. Another method is photobleaching. This method is similar to laser, only the effect is carried out using a special lamp.

However, the parameters of a Hollywood smile are limited not only by whiteness. A deformed bite will not correct any bleaching. In this case, you need to install braces. A variety of materials are used to produce these devices. Metal and plastic braces are inexpensive, but they have a number of drawbacks. Sapphire braces and lingual systems are more convenient and aesthetic, but quite expensive.

Correct the shape of the teeth and make them snow-white with the help of lumineers. They are very thin ceramic plates, which replace the natural surface of the tooth. The only drawback of this method is its high cost. But if you want to get a truly Hollywood smile – lumineers will give it to you!

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