How to attach a chignon

How to attach a chignon

      The variety of chignons is impressive. They can be made of artificial or natural hair, in the form of braids, tail, babette, strands and even bangs. Their main advantage is that they allow women to model and change their hairstyle depending on their mood. Going to a party, you can use a long ponytail, and for a business meeting – an elegant braid. And all these metamorphoses take literally minutes.

The hairpieces became a real salvation for those who simply do not have enough time to visit the hairdresser regularly and make complex piles daily. The main thing is to choose a hairpiece that is as close as possible to the color and type of your hair, so that it looks completely natural, and also securely secured. The best option is to make it to order in a special workshop.

Modern hairpieces differ not only in shape, color and structure of hair, but also in the manner of attachment. Usually they are fixed by means of a tape, a clip-crab or invisible clip-scallops. The easiest to use is the chignon-tail. It can be attached to a tape or a crab. To fix the tail on the ribbon, assemble your hair in the tail and just stick it through the chignon, tightening and tying its base with a ribbon. Such fastening reliably holds the chignon on the head. However, to secure it, you can additionally fix it with studs.

To fasten the tail on the crab, assemble your own hair in a bun at the back of the head and fix the hairpiece on it. Its base can always be disguised with a beautiful wide elastic band. Likewise, the hair of the hairpiece is fixed on the head. You can simply fix it or lay it around your head, fixing the studs. As you can see, it only takes a few minutes to dramatically change your appearance.

Overhead hair in the form of babetta is very popular. Not all women get to make such a magnificent hairdress. Chignon will greatly simplify the life of women of fashion. It is usually fastened with clips, and at its base there is a kind of cup. It should hide your own hair, collected in the tail.

To visually increase the density of your hair, use a hairpin ribbon. It is attached to clips over its hair from ear to ear. Similarly, the hairpiece and bangs are attached.

Despite the beauty of the hairpieces, wearing them everyday is not recommended. Such a load can negatively affect your own hair. Competently fixed hairpiece without harm to your hair can be worn for up to three days a week.

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