How to attach false hair

How to attach false hair

      Overhead hair can be purchased in many fashion stores. Their color is selected one to one to natural. And the length varies from short, which covers only the parietal part, to very long ones. The set includes several strands – tresses, which are attached to their own hair with the help of small clips – clips.

Hair on the hairpieces will make the hairstyle thicker and longer, simulate any styling. If they are natural, they can be dyed, make highlights and colors. Artificial, however, is difficult to color. Such hair can only be washed, laid and curled.

With the help of locks on the clips, you can at any time independently increase hair in 10-15 minutes. And also quickly and easily remove them. They do not spoil their hair, almost do not create loads and are absolutely unnoticeable in the hair. The inconvenience of false hair in only one – they need to be removed at night.

So, how to use false hair on hairpins (for a set of 6 strands):

1. First, check the clips on your hair. Open and close the hair clips several times before pinching them. And then try to dress and remove. Repeat the action several times.

2. Now proceed with the attachment. Lift up all your hair and fix it.

3. With a thin comb, get one of your strands from the bottom and scratch it at the roots. Next, sell the hair spray and attach to it 2 false strands, next to each other. Check that they are securely attached. Prjadki should densely adjoin to a head.

4. Then cover the tracks with a thick strand of your hair.

5. Now repeat the process. Remove the strand, scratch it at the roots, apply a layer of varnish, fix the false hair and mask it with your curls.

6. Next pair of prjadok pinch a bit far from each other, is closer to temples.

7. And the last strand attached in the vicinity of the crown. Close your own hair – and a chic hairstyle is ready!

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