How to avoid ectopic pregnancy

How to avoid an ectopic pregnancy

      Usually, the fertilization of the egg is carried out in the widest part of the uterine tube, after which the fetal egg moves to the uterine cavity. Ectopic pregnancy occurs in the event that this did not happen. The fetus can develop fully only in the uterus, since it has the ability to stretch very much unlike other organs.

If the ectopic pregnancy is not detected in time, then towards the middle of the first trimester, the organ into which the fertilized egg has entered is torn, causing acute pain and heavy bleeding, which threatens not only the health but also the woman`s life.

To avoid the onset of an ectopic pregnancy, a gynecological examination should be performed every six months. The doctor during the examination can detect, for example, a sudden inflammation, which is also the cause of the pathology.

When planning a family, both partners need to undergo a screening for genitourinary system infections. If they are detected, it should be treated at the same time, because a second infection can occur, which can affect the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and other complications.

One of the causes of ectopic pregnancy is an earlier abortion, so it is worth taking effective contraceptives and preventing the onset of unwanted pregnancy. The choice of contraceptives is now huge, the doctor will help you find the appropriate ones. If nevertheless there is a need for abortion, it is better to use the most gentle methods for this, one of them is a vacuum abortion. The procedure should be held in a specialized clinic to have confidence in the competence of doctors. Very few contraindications have minimally invasive abortion, they also almost never lead to complications, and in the early days doctors recommend using only medicamentous methods.

After interrupting an ectopic pregnancy, the body needs restoration to preserve its genital function. In doing so, follow all the doctor`s instructions. The next pregnancy can be planned not less than a year after the ectopic pregnancy, since the reproduction system should normalize its functions.

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