How to be young and healthy

How to be young and healthy


Go in for sports. Run in the morning and do exercises, go in for yoga, fitness or swimming. Any sport strengthens the spine, helps to reduce weight. And excess weight, by the way, is not only an opponent of beauty, but also of health, because fat is a big burden on the heart, and the body as a whole. When people go in for sports, they become cheerful and more cheerful.

Eat right!

Vitamin E is the best anti-aging agent. In large quantities, it is found in sunflower oil, almonds and flax seeds. Fruit juice, mineral water, green and herbal tea, bread, legumes clean the body and promote skin rejuvenation. Dairy products contain a huge amount of calcium, which is very useful for bones and nails. To avoid acne, give up spicy and sweet food and alcohol.

Do not eat at night, then in the morning you will feel very good.

Do not starve. Diet is a balanced, correct diet, but not a refusal of food. If you sharply type and lose weight, the skin will stretch and hang, there will be a lot of wrinkles on it.


Smile as much as possible. A smile gives a great mood, and a good mood is a guarantee of health.


Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Before going to bed, air the bedroom. Take a contrast shower, ending with a warm note. And, of course, before going to bed, drink a glass of kefir or herbal tea. The bedroom should reign, then sleep will be calm. The bed should be”rested”, that is, every morning it must be filled, do not roll on the straightened bed during the day. Pajamas for sleep should be clean and comfortable.

Skin Care

Twice a day (morning and evening), cleanse the skin. It is better not to use chemicals. A magnificent alternative to cosmetic milk and foam is oatmeal and herbal decoctions. But do not use soap, it dries the skin.

Tone the skin. Tonics and lotions refresh the skin, disinfect it, remove irritations.

Moisturize the skin. Moisturize the cream in the morning. Instead of cream, you can use cosmetic oil of peach, apricot, petrolatum, olive oil.

Feed the skin. Nourishing cream prevents aging, nourishes the skin with nutrients.

Protect the skin. In summer, use a cream from the sun`s rays. they are harmful to the skin. In winter, before going out to the street, smear cream from the wind and frost.

No smoking

If you do not smoke, then this is a huge plus. Tobacco and nicotine destroy a person from within, but it is naturally noticeable from the outside. Yellow teeth, ugly skin, rough voice … If you want to be healthy and beautiful, you need to give up smoking.


Love yourself, the world around, people, things, nature, music, poetry … Treat yourself with respect, soberly assess your strengths and weaknesses, do not engage in self-torture. Love the world and the people around you. If your heart and soul are open, you will become healthy with the soul, and therefore with the body.

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