How to become feminine, like Marilyn Monroe

How to become feminine, like Marilyn Monroe

      If you want to become as feminine and effective as Monroe, you need to think through the image and carefully choose a wardrobe. Marilyn paid a lot of attention to her shoes, she believed that with the help of the right shoes women can conquer the world. A distinctive feature of her image is a high hairpin, which made the gait sexy, and the legs – long.

The movements of your hips will drive the minds of the stronger sex if you learn to seed on thin heels. Before you go out in such shoes on the street, train at home, because you must keep confident and straight, so that the breasts look as profitable as possible.

Marilyn did not like trousers, considering dresses and skirts as the most suitable clothes for a woman. Favorite models of Monroe – skirts exactly in shape, narrowed to the knees, and dresses flared with a very deep neckline. Legendary her dress from”The Itch of the Seventh Year” is recognized as the most successful outfit in the film industry.

Choose similar models of light tones. Femininity comes along with gentle costumes, because the dress is not the same as jeans. A pencil dress that fits you like a glove will help you to create Marilyn`s stunning walk. Use gentle, pleasant fabrics to which you want to touch.

Instead of pantyhose wear stockings, these products completely change the woman`s attitude, making her more gentle and sexy. Lingerie buy quality and beautiful, the bra is needed with the effect of push up. Monroe successfully used this model and her breasts were always”on top” !!

Do not neglect the details, they are necessary to complete the image. Study photos of the actress, make a similar hairstyle and make-up. Use the rims with cute bows that will give your appearance femininity.

Monroe loved decorations expensive, but small in size, so that they do not distract attention from herself. Paint your lips with red lipstick, emphasize your eyes with arrows on the upper eyelid. A sweet smile and Chanel # 5 – that`s all you have to use to be as attractive and feminine as Marilyn Monroe.

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