How to braid a lot of braids

How to braid a lot of braids

      There are several ways that you can braid many small braids. To get adjacent to the head braids, the so-called brady, to them in turn, weave on the right and left small strands of their own hair. Weave them from the line of hair growth – in front or side, depending on the desired result. Hair is divided by several devices with a thin comb. Breuds form on their heads various, often rather intricate patterns. However, in order to make such a hairstyle, you need some experience.

Pigtails, dotted, braided much easier. The hair is then distributed into small squares; braid them start from the middle of the head. As braids are braided, the braids are assembled with a wide soft rubber band, so that they do not interfere with the work. To create point pigtails, hair from artificial fiber, kanekalon, is often used, which are weaved at their base. Pigtails using kanekalon retain their appearance longer, they are thicker and stronger. In addition, this method allows you to some extent protect your own hair from the effects of negative environmental factors.

As for the kind of weaving itself, it can consist of two (“rope” or”flagellum”), three or more strands. To get the”strings”, the strands are twisted together spirally,”flagella” – twist one strand around the other. Such pigtails are beautiful, but not as durable as braided from more strands. Popular and so-called dreadlocks: to get pigtails of this form, the hair does not weave, but dumped. They are stylish and original, but you should understand: they will not be able to untwist them, the only way out in this case is a short haircut. All other pigtails are usually weaved in 2.5-3 months: after this period they lose their appearance.

Afro-American plaits can be decorated with beads, colored threads, beads, they can be smooth or wavy. To create a curl some masters advise, braiding 5-7 braids, beat them with boiling water. However, this method can hardly be considered reasonable, since it causes great harm to one`s own hair.

Thin braids are easier to braid on hair, the length of which is at least 30-40 cm. But even if your haircut is very short, there is still a way out: you can build them up in the cabin by using the services of experienced craftsmen .

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