How to bring the skin of a person in order

How to bring the skin of the face in order

      Get rid of dark circles under the eyes of green parsley. Cut a few leaves of parsley very finely, add a little greasy sour cream, the resulting gruel impose on the area around the eyes. After fifteen minutes, wash off the mask with warm water. You will see how the circles under the eyes became almost invisible, and the eyes began to look brighter.

To get rid of a gray complexion, you must first clean it thoroughly. Damp a towel in very warm water, wring out and apply to face. Minutes after two, when the towel starts to cool, repeat the procedure. After the skin of the face is decocted, apply a scrub. You can use the store, and you can make a manga. Prepare two saucers. In one fill a little semolina, another pour a spoonful of unrefined olive oil. Dip your fingers first into the oil, then into the mango and gently cleanse your face in a circular motion. Repeat the process several times and rinse the scrub off the face with warm water. Manka removes dead cells from the face, and olive oil moisturizes the skin and restores its elasticity and smoothness.

After scrub, it`s time to use the mask. Masks can be made almost from any products that are in the refrigerator! It`s great if there is sauerkraut in the house. Squeeze a handful of cabbage into a bowl, and brush with the resulting brine, avoiding the area around the eyes. After 10-15 minutes wash with warm water. Sauerkraut is rich in vitamins and trace elements, which quickly return the radiance and fresh appearance even to the most tired and problematic skin. If there is no cabbage, make a mask from an orange. Peel it from the peel, pulp very finely chop and apply mass to the face. Vitamin C will restore the skin tone in minutes.

Next, apply your usual nourishing cream to your face. If you use makeup, apply a light make-up. Do not overdo it! Fresh, beautiful skin does not need a ton of foundation and powder. It is enough to emphasize the eyes and touch the lips with a shine.

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