How to buy Oriflame cosmetics online

How to buy Oriflame cosmetics online


        Order goods from the new catalog of Oriflame, as always, is available, pleasant and comfortable. There are several ways to make a purchase. The classical way is to order a paper version of the catalog from the representative of Oriflame and arrange a purchase through it.


        One of the fastest and most affordable ways to buy a new Oriflame catalog is to place an order online. Place your order in a relaxed atmosphere, without fuss and queues, just by visiting the company`s website, where the latest online catalog is posted. The password to the private office will be given to you in the passport service department or on the website in the”Login” tab in the”For consultants” section. Select”Online registration of a consultant”. After that, simply use the”Quick Order” form, where a few clicks of the mouse indicate the required products, the way they are received and paid.


        Electronic versions of the catalogs are also available on the sites of the Oriflame service points, where you can also easily place your order, but you do not need to register as a sales consultant. However, in order to make a purchase, create a”Personal Account” and specify your details, first and last name, as well as the address of delivery and contact phone is still necessary. At the same time, strict criteria for the amount and quantity of orders do not work here.


        Using virtual ordering methods, you do not have to look for a consultant to familiarize yourself with the new catalog, or pay for a printed version, if you are building your business in the Oriflame team. To learn a new catalog online can be directly on the site completely free of charge at any time of the day and from any mobile device connected to the Internet. The Oriflame electronic catalog is an exact copy of the printed catalog, while its current version is published on the Internet on the day of publication.


        Advantages of buying Oriflame through the Internet – operative participation in sales on shares to minus 50% and the possibility to get a discount of up to 23%. An important role is played by the speed of delivery of the online order – within 3 days (to work, home or to the service point of service). At the request of the client, who decided to start a career in Oriflame, you get the right to an incentive start program.


How to buy Oriflame cosmetics online

              The reference to the online catalog is as accessible and intuitive as possible. With the mouse you can see all the pages, each of which opens in an enlarged format. In addition, using the virtual new Oriflame catalog, you no longer have to manually calculate the cost of the order on paper – the online calculator will automatically make all calculations. And high-quality photos, up-to-date content and convenient interface of the new Oriflame catalog will bring satisfaction from purchases to each client.

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