How to calm night cough

How to calm night cough

      If you or your child is regularly disturbed by night coughing attacks, you should immediately consult a doctor. The fact is that cough itself is not a disease. It can indicate a viral or bacterial infection, bronchitis, laryngitis, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the mass of other diseases. Only a doctor can correctly diagnose the disease and prescribe a treatment, do not try to do it yourself.

You can try to relieve the attacks of night cough during treatment. Try to drink as much milk or warm tea – the fluid envelops the tissues, softens them and makes the cough less stiff. A cup of warm broth will provide you a deep sleep for at least a few hours.

If the attack does begin, it can be stopped. Take a glass of milk, add a teaspoon of butter and boil it. Now add a small pinch of baking soda to the milk. Drink the mixture while it is hot. Such a tool will allow you to sleep peacefully. If the attack is so strong that you simply can not boil the milk, then drink a simple warm water – any liquid can temporarily calm the night cough.

If your cough is caused by allergic reactions, swelling of the respiratory tract, then you should take an antihistamine before going to sleep (Suprastin, Loratadin, Tavegil) – they will relieve swelling and prevent spasms. Before starting the treatment, consult with your doctor – he will give you a daily dose and a regimen.

If night cough is dry, then you should try to take expectorants, which the doctor should appoint you.

Very useful is a decoction of pine needles, the steam of which you need to breathe. Before going to bed, inhale or just prepare a decoction and place a container with it near the bed. Inhalation of steam will relieve respiratory tract cramps and stop the attack.

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