How to care for the bikini zone without irritation?

How to care for the bikini zone without irritation?

General recommendations for epilation of the bikini zone

At the moment there is a huge amount of information on the Internet about whether you need to shave a bikini zone, how to shave a bikini zone and even you can find a video on this topic.

First, to get a good result, you need to know how to properly shave the bikini zone. Buy a high-quality machine, the choice of which is simply huge. Under no circumstances should you use disposable machines for shaving the bikini zone, as well as shaving machines.

Secondly, during the procedure, use special shaving aids that give abundant foam.

Thanks to this, the razor will easily slide over the skin, thereby minimizing the risk of irritation.

Third, shave your hair not against their growth, but in the direction. If you are a possessor of sensitive skin, be sure to observe this condition.

Fourth, to not cut yourself during the procedure, stretch the skin a little. In addition, do not use a washcloth immediately after shaving.

Fifth, use the after shave means: cooling gels, toning creams, baby cream, special cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Skin irritation removal

If irritation still exists in the bikini zone, use a hormonal preparation, for example, ointment with cortisone. This remedy can perfectly remove irritation.

But do not forget that it is very often impossible to use this remedy, as with constant use it can itself provoke skin inflammation.

You can remove irritation in the bikini area with a lotion prepared at home. For this, grind 2-3 tablets of aspirin and mix with a small amount of glycerin. With the resulting product, lubricate problem areas. A cream with calendula or other anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients is also a great tool for caring for an intimate area after shaving.

To get rid of irritation, wipe the skin of the bikini zone with an alcohol solution diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Only after this, always apply cream or gentle milk. If you have very sensitive skin, do not use this remedy, do a better compress of chamomile flowers. To do this, bandage or gauze, moistened in a decoction of room temperature, attach to irritated places.

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