How to Cast Models

How is the casting of models

      Casting is a selection of models for a particular job, this event usually takes place on the customer`s premises. For the passage of casting a certain number of applicants are invited, the models come one by one. In the office should be the manager of the modeling agency and its representatives in the number of one to three people.

Models ask a series of questions about her hobbies, career and abilities. Usually stands out for about three minutes. If the girl is interested in the customer as a model, she is asked to wear a full swimsuit and shoes with heels, walk along the catwalk (if a girl is chosen for the fashion show).

The first impression of the contenders at the customer is formed already in the first minutes of communication, so it is important to look as presentable as possible. The model should have a low-key make-up, calm nail varnish on the nails and, of course, clean and laid hair. Clothes should be comfortable for you, it can be jeans and a strict jacket, a skirt and a topic – the main thing is that you feel confident in one or another clothing.

The model should be beautiful and correct to talk about, about yourself, and also be able to keep yourself. Remember, in no case should you pull any objects in your hands, do not look down or to the side, look bravely into the eyes of the interlocutor. Do not cross your legs and do not put your hands on your chest, so you take a protective pose, strictly watch your posture. If you have sat down, do not swing on a chair, sit evenly, but you should not feel that you are overly tense.

Do not interrupt the interlocutor and do not answer the questions without thinking. Do not hesitate to talk about your strengths and advantages, knowledge of foreign languages, even if the customer does not make demands on this. Perhaps you already have a portfolio, you need to bring it to disk, thereby increasing your chances of success.

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