How to change the bite

How to change bite

      Changing the occlusion is a rather lengthy process. It is recommended to start it from childhood. The sooner the treatment is carried out, the more effective the result will be. To correct the bite in infants, pacifiers are used to make dummies of anatomical shape. Such means ensure the correct position of the language, without lowering it down. Use them should be up to 1,5-2 years. Orthodontic devices for older children include: labial bumpers, plates, trainers.

Bite correction in adult patients is more labor-intensive and less effective than in children. This is due to the immobility of the facial bones of the skull relative to each other. The most popular method of treating bite in them is the installation of bracket systems. Braces are a non-removable orthodontic device from a series of brackets or locks. They are attached to the surface of the teeth with a special glue and are connected together.

There are many types of bracket systems. The most common are metal braces. If you are a person leading an active social life, acquire aesthetic braces made of transparent materials (plastic, sapphire or ceramics). Absolutely imperceptible to others are considered to be lingual braces. Such devices are located on the teeth on the side of the tongue. The choice of means is the price of the issue.

In addition to braces, there are other ways of correcting the bite. Some of them are transparent elainers, which are removable silicone mouthguards. They are much more convenient to use and completely invisible. However, kappas are suitable only for simple cases. For correcting the occlusion in adults, just like in children, trainers and orthodontic plates are used. As a rule, the action of the first is aimed at eliminating the causes that caused the pathology. The latter normalize the work of the muscles and the growth of the jaw bones. They are effective in fighting some bad habits.

If you have serious malocclusion, an incorrect structure of the bones of the jaws, their asymmetry and disproportion are observed, and the effect of orthodontic equipment is insufficient, there is a need to correct the pathology surgically. This procedure helps to change the position of the upper and lower jaws in the desired plane, expand the sky, move the teeth, perform chord plasty. This includes the removal of individual teeth, for example, to eliminate their torsion.

Often due to a partial lack of teeth or increased abrasion, a deep bite or a tendency to its appearance is observed. Depending on the clinical picture, various types of prosthetics are used to correct it.

If you have a wrong bite, do not delay, seek help from an orthodontist. Together with it you will choose the corrective device most suitable for you at the price and convenience. Treatment of pathology should be started as soon as possible. Its absence further leads to many serious complications: periodontal disease, temporomandibular joint disease, facial profile change, ugly smile and many other cosmetic problems and illnesses.

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