How to change the shape of a face

How to change the face shape

The LL can be square, round, triangular, oval, elongated and even pear-shaped. Each type of person has its own merits. Oval face has to bold experiments with appearance, because it is very difficult to spoil correct forms. Such a person does not need accents. Since the ideal shape of the face is considered oval, all activities aimed at adjusting the form, far from ideal – this is a visual approximation to the oval.

A round face is common in people prone to fattening, it can look young for a long time with competent care, long retaining its shape. He is characterized by chubby cheeks, a broad forehead and a short chin. To make a round face more harmonious, you need to emphasize the prominent part of the cheekbones, forehead and chin with the help of powder or rouge of dark shade, so that attention is concentrated in the center of the face. Hairstyle: open forehead, on which several strands descend, medium or long, oblique parting. Avoid straight hair, horse tail.

The square face is not very feminine, it has the same width of forehead, chin and cheekbones. You can change the square face by darkening the corners of the chin, the upper corners of the forehead on the border of the hair, highlighting the”apples” of the cheeks with rouge. This will distract attention from the corners of the face and help give it an oval shape. Hairstyle – an open forehead, combed up and crowned hair.

The triangular face is called a heart-shaped face: a broad forehead, a sharp chin. Conduct a darker tone at the temples, reducing their width, underline the chin. Hairstyle – square, with curled inward hair, bangs straight.

The most difficult thing in design is a pear-shaped face. This form assumes a narrow forehead, broad cheekbones and a massive chin. To begin with, you need to darken your cheekbones, cheeks, narrowing them, and then emphasize the chin, forehead and highlight the eyes to visually make the top of the pear-shaped face wider. A hairstyle for such a person should create a volume at the top. The bangs are big and heavy, long to the eyebrows without parting. You should avoid hair at the line of the chin, so long hair is better to collect from behind.

The long face can be shortened by blushing horizontally on the chin. Blushes applied to the cheeks can visually expand the face. To shorten the forehead, choose a hairstyle with a bang. Loose hair is better not to wear, as they will become the background on which the squareness of the face will be more pronounced.

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