How to check a diamond for authenticity

How to check a diamond for authenticity

      Mistakenly, and another common opinion – that the diamond should”play” in different colors. The genuine diamond shimmers with all shades of gray!

Real diamonds are usually placed in a piece of jewelry in such a way that you can inspect the stone from behind.”The back side” should not be mirrored.

A real diamond can not have erased faces or rounded edges.

A genuine diamond, unlike a fake one, will not twitch when a magnet approaches it.

Through a real diamond, you can not see letters or numbers. And if a precious stone placed on a page of a newspaper or a book acts like a magnifying glass, it is exactly a fake.

Draw a straight line on white paper. Located on her true diamond distorts the image.

A real diamond does not let light through. Having lighted a lamp with a lamp or a fanatic, you can see only a bright areol.

The diamond will remain clear and transparent after it is inhaled. What is given out for a diamond (usually quartz, glass, etc.), becomes clouded.

A real diamond can not be warmed in the palms of your hands. He always remains cold.

On the surface of a genuine diamond, there are hardly noticeable impregnations of other minerals. However, these are not bubbles – they are only on fake stones.

Rub the stone with sandpaper, which does not include diamond chips. Such paper will not leave marks on the diamond.

Put the gem under the ultraviolet radiation. Most diamonds shine with blue or blue light.

Check the stone with an X-ray. Real diamonds are invisible to X-rays.

If you visit a”suspicious” diamond in the water, you will see a joint in the event that the gemstone is a combination of true and fake materials, which is also sometimes practiced.

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