How to choose a color of blush

How to choose the color of blush

      Makeup artists are advised to choose a blush depending on the complexion. Girls with snow-white or white-pink skin with distinct bluish veins should try creams and powders of pink and crimson shades. Owners of cream or golden skin are suitable coral blush. Well, the reddish-brick tones perfectly underline the bronze tan.

Notice the texture of the tool. Brilliant and satin blush look lighter matte of the same shade. Liquid pigments impart a brighter tone to the skin than powdery agents. In addition, the color can be varied depending on the method of application. For example, a dense round brush gives a denser coating than a flat or fan-shaped brush.

Picking up the blush, try to try the product in the store. In large departments of cosmetics, there are often open test specimens. If, after making a few strokes on the arm, you can not understand if the remedy is suitable for you, try to make up your cheeks. Grab a brush from your house and carry a blush on your face right in the store. Note that daylight lamps distort colors. To make sure that the shade suits you, go outside and look at your face under natural light.

If you can not decide if a particular shade suits you, pay attention to the blush in the form of a mosaic combining several colors in one package. Before applying the product on the cheeks, brush with all shades. It turns out a natural complex color, which can be applied in several layers, making it more intense. Choose a light or darker range depending on the shade of your skin. Usually the pallet includes from four to eight colors from pale pink to plum and brown.

No less successful product – colored pigments for the cheeks. They are also produced in several colors – red, bright pink and golden orange. However, on the skin, pigments lose excessive brightness, leaving only a hint of color. They are applied with the help of a brush built into the vial, and are quickly shaded with the pads of the fingers. To get a brighter color, the procedure can be repeated.

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