How to choose a cot for newborns

How to choose a crib for newborns

The first thing parents have to decide – where the crib will be installed, depends on its size and design. If the room allows, it is better to buy a crib-transformer, which can be”increased” as the child grows up. Newborn beds in the transformer category have larger sizes (1.4m by 0.7m) and extendable side panels – this allows the child to sleep on it until adolescence. The color of the crib can vary – modern manufacturers try to make their range quite extensive. If you want the bed to fit into the environment – choose the tone that fits the rest of the furniture, you want to allocate the children`s area – beat the borders of the children`s space with the unusual color of the crib and the original swaddling table.

Newborn beds – wood or metal

The material used in the manufacture of baby cots may be different. Some parents prefer wood as the cleanest from the ecological point of view of raw materials. Others – metal cribs, more, in their opinion, durable and reliable. Each kind of material has its advantages, the most important is that all products offered in the store have a GOST certificate of conformity. If the quality of the bed bothers you, be sure to ask the seller to show documents confirming its safety in terms of materials used.

Newborn beds of pine are the most inexpensive – the softness of this kind of wood slightly reduces the performance characteristics of furniture. On the pine bed will be captured the entire”history” of the child`s growing up – scratches, marks from teeth and toys. More robust to the”sample on the teeth” is birch furniture, and the most sturdy (and expensive!) Is beech furniture. On some models, special latex pads are provided – they protect the surfaces from mechanical damage and allow the baby crib to retain a”commodity” look for a long time. Many manufacturers have learned to make furniture from artificial materials, perfectly imitating a natural tree – when buying, be sure to specify what the cot is made from .

As for baby cots made of metal – they have good performance characteristics and are cheaper than wooden ones. In addition, metal cribs are perfectly cleaned and cleaned from any type of contamination, and this is an important characteristic for children`s furniture. The only problem – any new crib has a characteristic”factory” smell, so you need to buy it beforehand in order to have time to ventilate the room before the return of the mother and baby from the hospital.

cribs for newborns

Newborn beds are important details

The cot should not only be beautiful, but also safe for crumbs. When buying, be sure to check the strength of the fixing of the rails, crossbeams and rim, their smoothness and the absence of burrs. No sharp edges and too small decorative details! The optimal distance between the bars of the grid is no more than 9 cm.

All modern cots are equipped with a folding or falling edge, which allows you to protect the child, protect him from falling. As the baby grows up, the side can be lowered all the way down, giving the growing impatience an opportunity to get out of the crib independently, and, then, and completely remove the fence. The level of installation of the mattress in many models is also regulated: until two or three months the babies lie quietly, and Mom does not need to bend too low to lull the baby.

Very convenient, if the design of a cot provides a function of”motion sickness.” The pendulum mechanism is longitudinal and transverse, choosing a model, be sure to keep in mind that the stock for swinging should be at least 7-10 cm on each side. Pendulum cots, usually, are issued with special fixatives, which, if necessary, block their mobility.

Well, if the baby cot is equipped with a drawer for storing things – everything you need is at hand, and you do not have to look for a separate place to store diapers and diapers.

Which mattresses are better for newborns

An important moment when buying a baby cot is the choice of a mattress and bed linen. When buying a mattress, be sure to check that it matches the size of the bed, was made of hypoallergenic material.

A mattress for a newborn in a crib should be tight and moderately hard – to maintain a child`s spine that has not yet grown stronger. Mattresses with a spring block, coconut and latex fillers are ideal for these purposes.

As for linen in a crib for a newborn – pick up sets of natural fabrics: cotton, bikes, flannels. Two sets you will be enough. When buying blankets and pillows, give preference to products with polyester or sinteponovymi fillers – they are less collect dust and easier to wear off.

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