How to choose a scarf to a beige coat

How to choose a scarf to a beige coat

Scarf, perhaps – the main complementary element of the coat. It seems that to pick up a scarf to a beige coat is easy and simple. A suitable piece of fabric of bright coloring will advantageously emphasize the calm tone of the coat. In fact, it is important not only what will be a scarf – wool, shell or cotton. The color of the scarf is an important detail.

The main question that needs to be addressed is whether you want to simply add a scarf to your coat or draw attention with it? In the first case, choose light colors – beige or chocolate (in the tone of shoes or slightly darker). In the second – a bright red scarf – what you need. Accessories in a coat that is close to a color are a traditional choice. Classically successful combinations are always close in tone – beige coat and scarf mustard, sand or dark red color. If you have a desire to attract glances, then try a pale green color. And do not forget about the wide long scarf of black color – absolutely a win-win option.

Scarf is monophonic or with a pattern? It is acceptable to have light, discreet ornaments, if the coat is straight cut and conservative finish. A large picture in combination with a bright color can look too bothersome, unless the entire image is selected in the style of”surprise and shock.” Very effective look scarves”leopard” coloring, which, combined with black leather boots and gloves create the image of an insidious seductress.

The cage and strip also try not to lag – in combination with a beige monochrome coat such scarves will look fashionable and relevant. The cell can be large and shallow – from this its effectiveness only increases.

If you choose the right scarf for a beige coat, then you will look not only elegant, but also stylish. A tastefully dressed woman always evokes the admiration of men and the approval of women.

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