How to choose clothes according to the type of figure: 3 golden rules

How to choose clothes according to the type of figure: 3 golden rules

      There are 4 types of shapes: rectangle, pear, hourglass, triangular. A woman with a figure rectangle has a straight narrow line of shoulders and hips, weakly marked by the waist, not pronounced buttocks and usually large breasts, which somewhat softens the silhouette.

Women with trapeziform or pear-shaped hip figure are much wider than shoulders, waist is expressed.
The triangular type of the figure is characterized by narrow hips and broad shoulders.

If you have normal shoulders, a narrow waist, wide hips – then you are the lucky owner of a figure of sand type. This type is considered ideal, it is very easy for him to choose the right clothes.

The first rule is choosing trousers

Wide belts on dresses, skirts also only emphasize the shortcomings of the full figure, especially it is not worth wearing a belt of the same color as the dress.

For an hourglass shape, any trouser style is suitable, but for a triangular type of figure it is almost impossible to pick up well-fitting trousers.

Straight trousers, with folds that are stuck in the upper part, will look good on girls with a”pear” figure. Trousers straight, narrow and narrowed to the hem, with folds at the waist, flared from the hip, trousers-breeches, will be a winning look at the figure rectangle.

The second rule is skirt selection

A pencil skirt, a pleated skirt, a pleated skirt, a trapeze skirt, a tulip skirt are suitable for a rectangular shape. Soft loose skirts are narrow and fitting in the hips, widening at the bottom will fit a pear-shaped figure. Visually looks good set of tight knitted pullover to the middle of the thigh and a straight skirt with a soft drapery. Fashionable skirts of the sun and a half-sun, deep open folds from the waist and pleated – ideal for ladies with a figure of triangular type! Skirts should repeat the shape of the curved hips of the owners of the figures”hourglass”. They need to choose straight, moderately tight skirts.

The third rule is choosing a jacket

A short neck is not worth wrapping a scarf or scarf. It is better to wear clothes with an elongated neckline or long beads.

Ladies with a rectangular figure will go bright blouses, with a motley pattern, with ruffles, pockets, folds. Jackets preferably choose an adjacent silhouette, with a clearly marked line of shoulders and waist. Girls with a trapezoid figure should choose a jacket with a loose cut with a wide neckline to draw more attention to the chest. Holders of a triangular figure should wear blouses with a V-neck, an American armhole, a rectangular and soft round neckline. It is advisable to avoid flared sleeves, all sorts of ruches and draperies in the shoulder area. The line of cut jackets for the”hourglass” type of figure should repeat the line of the figure, and it is not worth choosing dense and rigid fabrics.

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