How to choose cosmetics for a tanning salon

How to choose cosmetics for a solarium

First, it is worth considering, cosmetics for the solarium is not protective. In other words, if you have sunbathed in a tanning salon for too long, your skin will still turn red and will need sour cream. Cosmetics for a tanning salon is created for achievement of other purposes: speed of display of sunburn and more long preservation of a dark shade of a skin. Of course, many such drugs contain panthenol, but it is more an anti-inflammatory drug than a protective one.

Secondly, always pay attention to the makeup of the cosmetics you buy. Everyone knows that advertising is the engine of commerce, therefore, as part of one tool, magic substances can promote the appearance of sunburn, and in the other, they will simply be moisturizing. If you want to get results, buy funds, which include tyrosine. Tyrosine is a chemical substance that promotes the formation of a special pigment in the skin cells responsible for darkening the skin. True, the human skin itself already contains a sufficient number of such pigments, and tyrosine as it attracts more sun rays.

Thirdly, it is necessary to distinguish tyrosine from bronzer. Bronzers give a stronger effect of tanned skin. The difference is that this is just an effect. That is, bronzers function as self-tanning. They do not form the necessary pigments, but simply color the skin in a darker color.

If your skin is not sensitive and you have healthy blood vessels, then the best way to you is with a”tingle-effect” remedy. These agents help to accelerate blood circulation, which in turn leads to acceleration of chemical processes inside the cell and the formation of melanin. Melanin is the natural pigment of skin cells responsible for sunburn.

The second group of means, aimed at preserving the tan is represented by moisturizers. The fact is that moisturized skin tans better. If you do not take care of yourself using moisturizing cream, the skin will just begin to peel off, and the tan will come off.

Choose the makeup for the solarium, which really suits you, and sunbathe.

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