How to choose sandals on a hairpin

How to choose sandals on a hairpin

      High-heeled sandals in 2013 are represented by designers in a wide range. How to choose for yourself the model that perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the female legs? Following the following trends, you will easily cope with this task.

Sandals on the hairpin 2013: the decor is above all

Beautiful high-heeled sandals in the new season can not be imagined without a bright and original decor. Additional accessories, which designers decorate fashionable women`s sandals with a thin hairpin, are elegant leather straps, wide and narrow ribbons, chains, rhinestones and even laces.

It`s not worth choosing a high-heeled sandals decorated with an excessive amount of accessories – in combination with a thin hairpin, such shoes will appear visually to be overloaded and massive.

Also in 2013 a very fashionable decor will be such aggressive elements as riveting, rivets and spikes.”Metal” accessories will give sandals on the stud causing brutality and, strangely enough, will underline the weightlessness of sandals themselves. But, if you are a supporter of more feminine models – choose summer sandals with a stud, decorated with artificial flowers, beads and other sparkling pebbles.

High-heeled sandals: color trends and material

In the fashion of this year – riot of color and brightness of colors! All shades of green, yellow, blue, gold, purple and orange are meant to symbolize the beauty and freshness of summer! For more conservative ladies, black sandals with a hairpin, as well as classic shoes of cream, white and brown color, are suitable. Such a range will be in harmony with any clothing, highlighting its modest, but elegant hostess from the gray crowd.

And remember that in the new season the most popular is not so much a classic hairpin, as the non-standard heels of the most incredible shapes.

Pictures of high-heeled sandals tell us that suede and leather will be the trendy materials for summer shoes 2013. Braided sandals on a hairpin, sandals from crocodiles or snake skin and even with the use of lace – in the new season there is where to clear up!

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