How to choose the color of a scarf

How to choose the color of the scarf

      The scarf should be in harmony with the color of the headdress. Ideally, both the scarf and the cap should be made of the same wool, but if, for example, the cap is made of tweed, harmonizing in color with a shade of outerwear, the scarf can be chosen in contrasting colors. If the headdress is not provided, it is necessary to pick up the scarf to the gloves. This rule does not apply to cases if a fur hat is worn on the head.

The scarf should match the skin color of the face. Owners of thin aristocratic skin are contraindicated pale bluish scarves, in this case the face will merge with the subject of the wardrobe. Swarthy girls should pay attention to dazzling white or bright scarves, but beige, milk-coffee should be left to others. When choosing a scarf, you can follow the advice of stylists on the selection of clothes for the color of the face (spring, summer, winter and autumn), but it is important to consider the moment that the scarf is worn in close proximity to the face, and it would be better to see a clear boundary between them. !! !!

The scarf should emphasize the color of the eyes. Since a soft warm scarf is so nice to pull on the nose, and the eyes are sometimes the only thing that is visible on the face, it is important that they stand out. The eyes will look especially bright if you choose a scarf of contrasting hue. For example, you can emphasize the green color of the eyes with a lilac, purple or pink scarf. Brown eyes will look especially bright if you choose a blue stole. And the owner of gray eyes can safely choose orange winter accessories.

The color of the variegated scarf should be the color of the main garment. For example, striped scarves look particularly impressive if they supplement a monophonic coat and one of the stripes colors is the same as the color of the outer clothing. The same rule applies to scarves with bound drawings, it is better not to wear them with colorful colorful clothes.

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