How to choose the color of pantyhose

How to choose the color of tights

      A very important aspect of choice is not only the size or density, but also the color. Moreover, there are both fashion trends and classical variants. How to choose the optimal color scheme for tights?

Look for pantyhose that will help you visually adjust the natural shape of your leg. For example, it should be remembered that pantyhose of dark color is a great way to make the leg visually slimmer and longer. But if you choose white, then your legs, on the contrary, will be visually slightly shorter. In order to surround your legs seemed longer than they really are, you can pick up tights with vertical stripes along the entire length. At the same time, be careful when choosing pantyhose with horizontal stripes: this option is appropriate only if you are the owner of long slender legs.

Choose the right tights pattern. Today, the stores offer an assortment of various tights, that sometimes the eyes just run. Try to find not just monotonous, but a variant with some interesting drawing. For example,”fantasy” tights with interlacing of beautiful patterns are very actual. It can be both floral and floral ornaments, and geometric shapes. Very fashionable are tights that mimic a lace stockings with garters.

Take into account when choosing pantyhose colors of clothing. If flesh-colored tights fit any dress, then the colored ones can be worn only if there are other details of the same color in the ensemble. For example, if you chose blue tights, you must have a blue blouse or accessories. As for the color of the shoes, it can differ from the color of the pantyhose by a maximum of one tone. It is very important to remember that bright, saturated colors are appropriate only for young and courageous girls. But adults, elegant ladies should choose pantyhose exclusively pastel shades.

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