How to choose the color scheme of the interior

How to choose the color scheme of the interior

Perhaps it is the purchase of new accessories or furniture that will push you to a happy change in life: finding a new job, deciding to go on a date with a fan or to start learning a foreign language.

What is necessary to consider when choosing a color scheme?

Color and light. When designing the room decoration of the room, you need to take into account the natural light that goes through the windows. For example, if the windows go to the northeast, then the room is worse illuminated than the southern rooms, so you need to solve this space in warm light colors. And, conversely, if the space is well illuminated, even cold violet or blue shades will create a feeling of coziness.

Color and emotions. You are in the woods and feel peace and tranquility, sit in a darkened cafe with blueberry-lemon walls and feel excitement and excitement. Before you start doing repairs, think about what emotions you want to experience in this space. To do this,”rehearse”: drape part of the wall and furniture with a cloth of the desired shade. How do you feel yourself, looking at these walls every day? Remember that different shades of the same color can be dramatically different, so do not necessarily give up your favorite gray color: its light shades are neutral and gentle, you can fantasize endlessly on the rainy sky of London or stainless steel (besides, gray allows you to arrange bright accents).

Create color compositions. Create collages, visit art exhibitions, photograph the color combinations you liked: the turquoise color of the car against the bright yellow wall, the scarlet clutch in the hands of the girl in a gray dress, the berries collected in the forest, mixed in a lilac pial. Everything can be a source for inspiration. Think about what color combinations you are annoying, what makes you smile, from which you can not take your eyes off. Follow your intuition and look, look, look !

Consider the functionality of the room and the needs of its occupants. Do not forget about the appointment of this space. So, if a yellow color is suitable for the kitchen, then it is better to choose shades of sky-blue for the cabinet. The dark red color of the living room should be diluted with lighter tones, which are in harmony with this shade. Do not choose dark colors for children: the state of mind of a child is more expensive than any fashionable trend.

Look for books on design. Books on the combination and ratio of colors are quite popular today, when everyone wants to try himself as an interior designer. From them you learn that all blue and all green hues combined with each other, the soft orange tones surprisingly fresh look in the interior, but the dark require caution in applying that mixed gray and beige colors are good as a basis for your color scheme, but require bright accents.

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