How to choose the fragrance for each image

How to choose the fragrance for each image

      If you are going to a party, on which you want to go into detached, select the suitable perfume accompaniment. The top notes of perfume for this case should be fresh citrus, but hinting at the audacity of the fragrance. Ideal for these purposes is suitable bergamot. In the heart can sound spicy notes with a touch of smoke – carnations or lavender. A trail of your spirits should support the given mood, but to be a little warmer and lighter – juniper, chypre moss, sage or labdanum will do.

On a romantic date, it is better to choose perfumes with completely opposite sound. They should help you create a light, light image. You can start with oceanic notes – the smells of water, ozone, watermelon, cucumber, lily. Well disclose the aroma of floral notes – they are very many, choose the ones that you prefer. Feminine will sound rose and violet, girlish – lily of the valley and peony. In the train of spirits you can add a touch of warmth and eroticism. Amber vanilla, musk, almonds will be useful here

Perfume for walking with friends or family should be less convoluted. Well, the upper green notes – grass, petals of violets – will be perceived. In the heart of the fragrance you can add floral tints or fruit – peach, grapefruit, apple. The train can be made spicy, but not very heavy and saturated – sweet cinnamon or sour-spicy ginger.

Perfume for work should simultaneously support your image of a serious person and not irritate colleagues, be unobtrusive. The top notes can be light, inconspicuous, fresh. The green or floral ones are the best. The degree of”lightheadedness” of the floral top of the smell you can choose depending on your position or mood. In the heart of the fragrance for work can be chypre notes – they are unusual, not too harsh and emphasize the person`s self-confidence – moss, patchouli, sage. For the plume of perfume, wood fragrances suit the business image, namely their light marine group – myrtle, blue iris or musk.

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