How to choose the right flavor

How to choose the right flavor

With your choice, do not seek to buy newfangled fragrances. They may not fit you at all.

Be guided only by your inner sensations. If a certain perfume improves your mood – this is what you need!

Choosing toilet water, think carefully about where and when you will use it. To work, party, walk or practice in a sports club you need different flavors. In the morning it is recommended to use lighter and fresh flavors, and in the evening warmer. Still be sure to consider the time of year. Fresh, fruity and citrus flavors are suitable for the summer, and for the winter more spicy and floral-woody.

In the store using probes, use paper strip test. Then put off the two most liked aromas. Only now it`s time to test on your skin. On dry or oily skin, one flavor will sound different. Apply these two fragrances to the clean skin of your wrists and wait a few minutes. You can go out into the fresh air. After the fusion of the fragrance with the skin, the quality of the odor should be assessed. Listen to your heart. If there is the slightest rejection of the notes of aroma, then you should abandon it.

For the final decision, evaluate the odor in 2-3 hours. You can still ask a good friend to confirm if the fragrance corresponds to your character and image.

Perfectly matching to you toilet water will never cause negative emotions. The aroma will merge with your image and will always improve your mood. You will get used to this smell so much that you stop perceiving it. But those around you will appreciate your attractiveness and uniqueness!

The fragrance lasts longer if applied to moisturized skin. Keep the perfume in a dark place. An empty bottle from your favorite smell can be put in a closet with clothes. So your clothes will always smell good !

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