How to choose the size of pantyhose

How to choose the size of pantyhose

      Many women in the purse can find a spare pair of tights”just in case.” Tights are the most demanded item of women`s clothing, although the shortest in life, which women wear not only because etiquette requires it, but for warmth, health and beauty.

At present, tights are no longer produced without any dimensional designations, as before, when they determined when a purchase was made, if tights fit, stretching them to the width of arms stretched out and diluted in the sides. Modern technologies allow the letter or digital code of size to weave in the canvas itself, whose composition can be nylon, from nylon or from Lycra and microfiber. Experienced women know that there are no dimensionless tights, on the contrary, that they fit tightly on the leg, but at the same time the woman was comfortable and comfortable, the size of the tights should correspond to the individual parameters of the woman. The size of a quality certified product will be indicated on the label, label or on the package of tights.

To determine the size of pantyhose take into account the growth rates, hip volume and weight. The size of the product on the package of each pair is indicated by numbers – from 1 to 6 or in Latin letters: S (small), M (medium), L (large), XL (very large). Since different standards were taken for different standards in different countries, the sizes, for example, Chinese or Japanese, will not correspond to European ones. To make it easier for women to understand the size group of goods, on the packaging, except for a figure or a letter, a table is given, which is a decoding to the code.

In the vertical column of the table the growth indicators in centimeters are indicated, the weight is indicated in kilograms in the horizontal line. The figure on the square of the intersection of these indicators corresponds to the size. Sometimes in the table there are also indicators for determining the weight in pounds (lb) and growth in feet (ft). In the Russian dimension row, the”deuce” 2 (S) corresponds to 44 size, 3 (M) – 46, 4 (L) – 48, 5 (XL) – 50. If the size indicators are intermediate, tights should be chosen taking into account the individual features of the figure . Properly sized pantyhose will not crawl, twist, wrinkle and”shoot arrows”, but only emphasize the beauty and attractiveness of female forms.

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